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Free up your schedule as the internationally acclaimed show, Walking with Dinosaurs makes its way to the MTS Center in Winnipeg this October. After a worldwide tour that entertained over eight million people across 217 cities, Walking with Dinosaurs will now be staged in downtown Winnipeg. It features life-size dinosaurs managed by professionals. These dinosaurs are the replicas of the creatures that roamed around the world over 200 million years ago. Watch three different dinosaur periods recreated before your eyes.

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The upcoming show starts off with the Cretaceous Period that lasted for 65 to 144 million years. Audiences of all age groups can watch the magnificent herbivores of this time such as Ankylosaurs, Hadrosaurs and Ceratopsians. After this the Jurassic Period will be recreated that dates back to around 144 to 208 million years. During this time, the carnivore dinosaurs took over the herbivores and deadly creatures such as Spinosaurs, Tyrannosaurs and Dromaeoasaurs emerged. The last part of the show will present the Triassic Period, which is as old as 245 to 208 million years. It was during this time when a majority of dinosaurs died due to volcanic eruptions and catastrophic cooling that left behind a few marine animals such as trilobite.


Travel back in time as Global Creatures in collaboration with the BBC Worldwide Ltd brings its dinosaurs in over 27 trucks to hold a series of shows at the MTS Center. Get Walking with Dinosaurs Winnipeg tickets.