Walking With Dinosaurs Kansas City Tickets

Dubbed as ‘Paris of the Plains,’ Kansas City is known for its majestic beauty. Now another exciting and impressive feather has been added to its cap in the form of the upcoming show t. If you have ever wanted to time travel and visit the pre-historic creatures of the past then this is your chance. You can now live your fantasy of watching the dinosaurs roam through the land.

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About Walking With Dinosaurs Kansas City Tickets


If you guessed ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ then you are absolutely correct. Now you can avail the once in a lifetime chance of going back 65 million years while sitting in your chair and watch those amazing and terrifying creatures come to life. If you enjoyed movies such as ‘Jurassic Park,’ then you will most certainly enjoy this event. It has already been viewed by more than eight million fans in over 200 cities.


The event gives you the chance to witness the rise and fall of the mighty dinosaurs as they compete for dominance and territory amongst themselves. Through the use of latest technology, these 20 digitally created creatures provide a glimpse of the conditions prevalent 200 million years ago on our planet and how these almost mythical creatures lived.


The event is an enlightening experience for the young ones. It is bound to fascinate and entertain families. Be sure to buy Walking with Dinosaurs Kansas City tickets before they sell out.