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There is hardly anything more entertaining or inspiring than a live performance. Particularly when food and edibles are concerned, the live shows are the best ones. The sizzling sound of frying, the aroma rising from the freshly cooked meals and the sight of food turning from fresh raw materials to mouthwatering dishes are all scenes that are found only at a cooking show. It’s even better if the show is live and it all happens right in front of you. The renowned chef Robert Irvine is bringing to you the same incredible experience in his upcoming live show. Get you Robert Irvine tickets today and watch the food magician perform his magic on food right in front of your eyes.

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About Robert Irvine


The British celebrity chef Robert Irvine is quite popular inside and outside the country. Having appeared in several TV shows like Worst Cooks in America, Dinner: Impossible and Restaurant Express, Irvine has carved a name for himself in the world of fine cuisine. Irvine started his cooking career at the young age of fifteen when he got enlisted in the Royal Navy. After the completion of his culinary training, Irvine also served in ‘Royal Yacht Britannia’. After performing a ten-year tour of duty as well as consultant work in several countries, Irvine went on to become the executive chef at various cruise ships.


Currently Robert Irvine is the founding president of Irvine Thyme, L.L.C. and he has also introduced his self-titled line of vinegar, oils and spices. Irvine has also authored a cookbook with Brian O’Reilly, “Mission: Cook!” which was published in 2007. Being a member of Cora’s charity Council of Chefs, Irvine is also dedicated towards helping hungry children. Interestingly, despite being a chef and creator of the most delectable foods, in 2007, Irvine was selected by Men’s Fitness magazine as one of the ’25 Fittest Guys in America’.


Having spent more than 25 years in the culinary world, Chef Irvine has left his mark across Europe, through the Far East, in the Americas and across the Caribbean. In hotels and on seas, Robert Irvine has proved his skills time and again and has astonished his customers as well as viewers of his shows. The list of his achievements also includes serving in the White House kitchen and preparing food for high-ranking government officials. Irvine has also once catered to 6,000 servicemen and women on a U.S. aircraft carrier and has planned the menu for an Academy Awards after party.. The Culinary profession has not only given Irvine fame and stardom, but he and his now-wife Gail Kim also tied the knot in a food program called Wedding: Impossible.


One of his shows named Restaurants: Impossible has now entered its sixth season, and with every passing episode the fan following of the show keeps expanding. Currently Robert Irvine attempts to save restaurants that are on the verge of failure in just two days with only a 10,000 dollar budget, as part of this show’s task. He assesses the overall outline of the restaurants and then endeavors to remove their weaknesses and tries to instill new strengths, in an effort to boost the restaurant’s performance and customer turnout. Afterwards, when Irvine goes out and tells people about the improved modifications, it is inevitable that people turn up to eat their and hence, the customer inflow is revived and these restaurants are saved from impeding failures.


A black T-shirt or an Irvine clan badge bearing chef jacket is Irvine’s typical attire. His signature badge has an inscribed motto, sub sole, sub umbra, virens meaning ‘flourishing in both sunshine and shade’. This motto accurately describes the talents possessed by this incredible food artist. To truly appreciate the skills and abilities of this chef, one needs to watch him work with his own eyes. This is the chance for you to witness Robert Irvine’s cooking. You can taste the smell of food, listen to the sound of it getting cooked and learn amazing tricks and methods for making your food a lot more delicious. Buy your Robert Irvine tickets today and join the crowds in the celebration of food and its delicious preparation.


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