Marvel Universe Live Indianapolis Tickets

For the time ever, Marvel characters will come to life on stage on the new Marvel tour. Dubbed Marvel Universe Live, this will be an 85-city tour which will kick off in Tampa. The show is produced by the largest touring entertainment company, Feld Entertainment which never ceases to surprise its audience with top notch productions. Every year it entertains over thirty million people across the world.

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With an epic storyline and all the favorite marvel characters together in one show, Marvel Universe Live is an arena spectacular that fans would want to miss. The show features twenty five Marvel characters including both superheroes and villains. Among these are Iron Man, Black Cat, Hulk, Lizard Electro, Red Skull, Spider Man, Wolverine, Green Goblin and many more.


The story of the show revolves around the powerful Cosmic Cube, the coveted treasure of the Marvel Universe that causes the dark forces led by Loki to device wicked plans to snatch it from Thor. Afraid that it might pose a threat to the universe if fallen in wrong hands, Thor shatters the Cosmic Cube and thus starts a search mission of the two forces.


Watch this production said to be the most ambitious in the history of Feld Entertainment by getting Marvel Universe Live Indianapolis tickets. With stunning aerial stunts, cutting-edge special effects, marital acts, pyrotechnics, Marvel Universe Live promises to be an entertaining show.