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About Arnold Classic Tickets

Arnold Classic also known as the Arnold Fitness Weekend is perhaps the most profitable bodybuilding completion in the world. Held in the first quarter of each year, Arnold Classic Tickets are up for grabs and it’s your chance to see some of the world’s most beautifully built bodies at a single event. With a number of prizes and the recognition this event has achieved throughout the years, each contestant is equally competitive and fired up to reach the top spot.


Named after the 38th Governor of California and the Hollywood icon of “Muscle”, Arnold Schwarzenegger, this annual event is held in Columbus, Ohio. Many regard it as the most prestigious for male bodybuilding professionals and the competition is also sanctioned by the International Federation of Body Building – IFBB. Starting in 1989, the Arnold Classic’s major contender is the famous Mr. Olympia event, which makes the show get better and better each year as the two evnts battle for the top spot in prestige. The legacy of this contest makes it extremely exciting and the winner is usually decided by a slight margin. This has caused crowning of different champions each year as well as comeback victories by contestants on vengeance.


The Arnold Classic is highly lucrative for the prizes involved in the event. The winner gets a brand new Hummer, a gorgeous Audemars Piguet watch and of course, the big US $ 130,000 check.  The victorious contender is surely the happiest and luckiest man on earth that night. And for the runner ups the desire to be the champ is significant enough to make them come again next year. Throughout the years this show has expanded its competitions for women as well.


The three competitions for women that are held along with the Arnold Classic include Ms. International, Figure International and Fitness International. These competitions are further expanded to include cheerleading, yoga, gymnastics, wrestling, skateboarding and numerous others to make them even more interesting. The Arnold Classic has become so popular in recent times that it has also produced other brands like the high profile Arnold Strongman Classics in 2006.


There is certainly something for everyone in the show, from super muscle bodies to the more sleek feminine figure, the audience can also be seen gasping at how the contenders have managed to achieve such a flawless body and figure. There is also live music and side entertainments to light up the show even further more. The prize distribution ceremony is a class act where there is a lot of glitter and emotions mixed together, recognizing the hard work the title winner as well as the runner ups have put in the last 12 months to get to this stage.  Holding the winner’s trophy (which has the signature jet black muscular figure on polished wooden stand) must be the most cherished and accomplished moment in the lives of these body builders.


As we see the current champion Kai Greene (winner 2009 &2010) not contending this time, we are sure to see a big performance by the three times champ Dexter Jackson (winner 2005, 2006 & 2008)  who is certainly no stranger to the top spot. Victor Martinez, the winner of 2007 classic and 2nd last year will also be fancying his chances this year and there is every possibility of seeing the last time runner up Branch Warren spoiling the show for Dexter and Victor. That’s not all! We will also be witnessing a few new stars this year, and who knows maybe a few new future kings of the contest. The 15 contenders will be ruthless and at their best when they perform in the arena.


The Arnold Classic 2011 will be held on March 5th at the iconic Veterans Memorial, starting the prejudging stages in the noon to the finals after sunset. This year the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding contest will be more challenging and fierce, with a show worth all that you spend. The Arnold Classic Tickets are available so get your tickets now to enjoy this historic event!