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The “Spencers Theater of Illusion” is not an average magic show. The Spencers are not your usual magicians either. The distinctive magic and illusion this show will astound you and excite you and keep you totally engaged to what happens on the stage. If you want to watch an entertaining show beyond belief then get The Spencers Theater of Illusion tickets and experience a phenomenal live event that will leave you completely baffled.

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About The Spencers Theater of Illusion

The Spencers are known to carry all their equipment in their popular 65 feet high customized truck which also serves the purpose of a trailer. They are not ordinary magicians that you have seen before. Their tricks and brilliant illusions are shocking while they are a lot of fun to watch also. Every production by The Spencers is a blend of both illusion and terrific magic coupled with intrigue and humor. Their personalities while on stage are charming and a delight for live audiences. Kevin Spencer who has studied clinical psychology has been reported to tell the media that although he aimed for healing minds, today he is excited to simply mess with them.
The reason why their shows stand out from average magic shows is because The Spencer’s do not view their show to be presented in a manner designed to fool audiences. They focus on inspiring their live viewership and create a mesmerizing event that will leave people in awe and wonder. A wide variety of theatrical elements and a production that is inspired by Broadway coupled with tremendous energy of rock concerts typifies their performances. The “Theater of Illusion” will definitely take you to the edge of impossibility and then bring you back to reality.
That fact that those in the audience do not just get to watch the show but are given the opportunity of coming to the stage and take part in all that is happening makes it more exciting. The production is without any doubt family friendly. Kevin is seen utilizing magic with terrific storytelling which helps to keep the audience engaged to what he is saying while captivating them by his performance. He is truly a master performer who builds a world where there is nothing is impossible and almost anything you anticipate can happen. “The Spencers Theater of Illusion” is truly a delight to watch live.
Critics have labeled The Spencers as being “Modern Day Houdinis”. Cindy and Kevin Spencer perform at a huge stage that is extremely high-tech. Their illusions and magic are full of suspense, drama, romance and a whole lot of comedy. The elaborated stage illusions are ones you will find very hard to believe.
The duo has been successfully dazzling their audiences for over a decade now. Their wonderful personalities, enthralling magic, entertaining and unfathomable illusions are a treat for people of all ages. “The Spencers Theater of Illusion” event is one that you will enjoy. It will create some fantastic memories that will remain with you for a long time to come.
The Spencers have won over twenty national awards which make them one of the most prestigious and acclaimed performing duos in the entertainment industry. Various arts event operators have recognized them as “Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year” more than six times. Their colleagues refer to them as being the “best of the best”. They have been distinguished as “International Magicians of the Year” also, enabling them to be listed alongside famous names such as David Copperfield, Doug Henning and Penn & Trailer.
“The Spencers Theater of Illusion” is seen performing live frequently. They have effectively earned the status of creating the most enjoyable acts in the industry which puts them in the company of the most highly sought-after entertainers today. They have the ability of leaving behind a lasting impression on their live audiences which is a feat that is nothing short of incredible. Book cheap The Spencers Theater of Illusion tickets and gear up for witnessing a powerful theatrical show that you will not forget easily.

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