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Theresa Caputo, the star of the popular American series Long Island Medium, is known for her self-claimed abilities of mediumship. At the age of four, this young girl from Long Island in Hicksville discovered her capability to communicate with the spirits. Over the years, Caputo realized that her true calling was to use this gift to help people heal and get closure.

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Theresa’s everyday life is a juggle between balancing her family and her profession. While she is a loving wife and a doting mother, she is also a dedicated practicing medium. She claims that she can connect with the spirits of the dead who have messages for their loved ones. In the five seasons of Long Island Medium we see her commitment to her clients in private sittings and public readings.


Theresa Caputo is also famous for her live experience tours. This time she is stopping at Atlantic City and inviting all believers and non-believers to join her on a spiritual ride. On her show, she will share with the audience some of her personal experiences and also do some live readings. Fans come to see Theresa give hope and happiness to those who need it most. She has received great reviews on her shows. Her audience is always amazed at the experience and feels intimately attached to the show even in the presence of thousands of people. Be a part of this experience with your Theresa Caputo Atlantic City tickets.