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Lisa See tickets offer you an enlightening session with internationally acclaimed author. Come join her in this event where she will share her writing and life experiences with her fans and following. Lisa See is an American novelist and writer who is known for her bestselling book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2005). This book was translated into thirty eight foreign-languages and became a big hit all over. IT also became Booksense’s Number One Pick. The book has a number of local and international awards under its belt. Apart from writing Lisa is also an active part of immigrant history programs at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage and Smithsonian Institution, D.C. She actively participated in developing and curating the Family Discovery Gallery. See also associates deeply with Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Chinatown tour walk was designed by her, she wrote a guidebook about it as well.

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About Lisa See

Lisa and her books tell tales of stories long forgotten, revived by her in her own way. See comes from a Chinese American family. She has been inspired by works of many authors but, her mother Carolyn See who was also a writer and a novelist inspired her the most. She was the author of Lotus Land, 110 Shanghai Road and Greetings from Southern California; all of these novels were written in the eighties. The Funeral Banquet is a personal essay that had other beautiful stories as well. These stories were exceptionally well written, they helped Lisa find her style and stance.
Lisa had a flair for reading and writing since early childhood. She grew up writing stories of all kinds. However, while at college she discovered her most creative side. Instead of writing a novel she wrote an autobiography titled Gold Mountain: The One-Hundred-Year Odyssey of My Chinese-American Family (1995). This effort made Lisa See a more confident writer when it became a national bestseller. The New York Times mentioned it in the list of Notable Books published that year.
Two years after Gold Mountain, See came out with her novel Flower Net (1997). This thriller was nominated in the category of best first novel at the Edgar Awards. Next in line were The Interior (1999) followed by Dragon Bones (2003). All three of these novels are a part of the mystery series titled Red Princess. Her acclaimed international bestseller Snow Flower and the Secret Fan came out in 2005. Following this success Lisa wrote two more commendable pieces; Peony in Love and Shanghai Girls became New York Times bestsellers. The two were praised highly at the Asian/Pacific American Awards for Literature.
See’s writings are very solid and well researched. Peony in Love is the best example of this. This story speaks of the life and mindset of the Chinese women in different time zones. It sees how she has evolved from a seventeenth century stereotypical female to a progressive hardworking individual of the community. Shanghai Girls (2009) is also a good example of her diversity. Here she explores the impact of migration and diaspora on Chinese-Americans. It explores the pressures and difficulties of entering and sustaining an arrange marriage in the backdrop of the anti-Communist mania; something that brought the largest number of immigrants from china to the US in the in the fifties. This novel connected with the lives of so many immigrants and their next generations living in the US. Its success and appeal to book lovers inspired Lisa to pen its sequel. Dreams of Joy, was released in 2011, it got less acclaim compared to Shanghai Girls, but it was in no way any less than a beautiful artifact.
Lisa See always was intrigued by tales and stories that were covered up, lost deliberately ignored. She found that all these were inciting and at times provocative. She decided to delve into a pilling scrap of forgotten stories. She also tried to travel and live near places where she could feel the people she was writing about. LA’s Chinatown provided her the right mind and mood to write Shanghai Girls. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was written after see travelled to China to research “the secret writing”. This secret writing has been kept secret for a thousand years and has been used by women to write their stories. This research brought a lot of dimension and depth into Lisa’s work. With Lisa See tickets you can explore more of See’s work. You can personally get to know her as an author, a person and a next generation Chinese American.

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