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Glenn Beck is one of the most famous multi-media personalities in America. He was born in Washington in 1964 and started his career in radio when he was only thirteen years old, after winning a contest to become the music DJ on radio for an hour. He loved to imitate the voices he heard on the radio and he would record them for himself during his teens. After graduating from high school, he started to work at a Radio Station in Utah but shifted to a new job only a few months later. In 1985, he was hired by WRKA for a 4-hour long morning radio show named as Captain Beck and The A-team. The show jumped to number three, making Beck a popular host. However in 1987, Beck suddenly left the job due to a personal dispute with the management. He was immediately hired by one of the top 40 radio stations in Phoenix. His fan following increased rapidly and so did the demand for the Glenn Beck tickets for his live shows.

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About Glenn Beck

During the eighties and nineties, Glenn Beck worked with various different radio stations. In the year 2000, things start to change when Beck shifted the vision of his career to radio talk.  Beck’s ratings and fame elevated as a result of launching his successful radio show The Glenn Beck Program. The show was raised to number one position within months and started to air on forty plus stations worldwide. It continued to air for many years, reaching six and a half million listeners across the country by 2008 and was rated among the top three radio programs in the country. Today the show is heard on 400 different stations. Apart from that, Beck live stage shows take place regularly at jam-packed venues and the Glenn Beck tickets remain the hottest selling tickets throughout the year.
Glenn Beck is known for his engaging personality and candid opinions. His insightful views and modern day storytelling becomes witty sometimes, which makes it more interesting for the listeners. According to Beck, his shows are aimed to make the listeners ‘feel goodness from my show and accept me for who I am, flaws and all’. He connects to his fans by sharing honest stories from his life as well as his opinion on the current affairs. Moreover, Glenn has proved to be an amazing writer who has written fiction and non-fiction books over the years. He is honored to get the #1 position on New York Times Best Sellers list in four distinct genres. Overall, he has written seven New York Times Best Seller books. Buy Glenn Beck tickets in order to get an idea of how the 48 year old inspires the audience with his strong personality traits and communication skills.
Glenn Beck started a talk show on the FOX News, which attracted more than two million viewers within months. The publisher of and editor of, the multi-talented spokesperson has achieved tremendous fame throughout the world. In 2008, National Association of Broadcasters awarded him the Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year award after the successful night show at CNN. Glenn Beck has always been a victim of controversies throughout his career because of his political views and protests. He has opposed progressivism in his speech during 2010. People like his witty style of presenting a serious topic. Beck is constantly involved in different social activities and his fans participate with him in Rally’s and protests. Following the 2011 international tour, there is a rise in the 2015 Glenn Beck tickets. We provide cheap Glenn Beck tickets to our valued customers, simply log on to our website and grab the tickets for yourself promptly!

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