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About Bold and Fresh Tour

A tour with a purpose as the name says it all! Bold and Fresh Tour is all about truth and reality filled news, it keeps aside all the cosmetic media hustle bustle, refreshes your mind and gives you pure news and views. Two famous personalities of media are teaming up to bring you the Bold and Fresh Tour and they are Glenn Lee Beck and Bill O’Reilly. Together this duo is a formidable team and they surpass all the routine gossip news and media created hypes to catch and deliver the right news to their audience, this duo is all set to embark on yet another exciting tour so quickly grab your Bold and Fresh Tour tickets from us now!

Bill O’Reilly is a man of diverse interests he is a political commentator, author, and an acclaimed talk show host. He was born in 1949 in New York and after completing his education he worked as a news reporter in the 70’s and 80’s then finally went on to act as a TV anchor for many different US channels such as ABC and CBS News. O’Reilly is undoubtedly one of the finest columnists and political talk show host of recent times and his style is definitely a tough one, he always looks face to face right in the eyes of his guests and seeks only the truth the harsh way. He is not at all of the shy anchors lot, he is straight forward and he is witty as well and his motto is that harsh honesty is always the winner in the end. O’Reilly can be considered the voice of all the average Americans and he talks on most of the social and political issues.

Bill O’Reilly has been hosting famous political commentary show The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel for more then a decade, in 2007-08 it was rated as the most watched news show in the US and also rated as one of the highest-rated news show on any US channel. O’Reilly has also been active on radio and he was equally popular on it with his radio program which was aired by over 400 radio stations and had a huge listening audience i.e. over 3 million which is a proof in itself of his popularity. Apart from this O’Reilly has also authored 9 books out of which 5 have been rated best sellers.

Glen Lee Beck needs no introduction he is a man of various talents he is a radio and tv host, a businessman and an author. He was born in 1964 in Connecticut and in his early years worked for different radio channels and currently he hosts the very popular The Glenn Beck Program that is broadcasted by Premier Radio Networks and he also host a news show on Fox Channel. His beliefs are conservative and full of American Values which Beck is proud of. He is more of a careful detective then merely being a show host and is famous for the fact that whatever he is saying it is surely backed up by solid data, thorough investigation and this always gives him the edge over his guests as well as other anchors that are in the field.

Glen Lee Beck has also authored 6 books out of which 5 debuted at no 1 position and he is also the owner and founder Mercury Radio Arts a famous company that produces programs and materials for radio, tv and internet. Seeing both Beck and O’Reilly together live on stage is definitely a thrilling and riveting experience as both these media personalities have their own signature styles of hosting but one thing is common among them that is truth and nothing but the truth. All you news fans you must not miss this great opportunity to watch them live so immediately get your Bold and Fresh Tour tickets and catch the excitement!

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