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Contemporary circus troupe, Cirque Eloize based in Quebec is now presenting a show that is brings together the art of dance, theatre and circus in Cirque Eloize Cirkopolis. It explores the themes of modern life, individuality, existence, meaningfulness, and life among things, all of which are symbolized through extensive stage props, dance, and acrobat sequences. According to Jeannot Painchard, the co-director and creative director of the performance, entering the world of Cirkopolis is all about letting it go as you allow yourself to be born again in the a world of hope.

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About Cirque Eloize Cirkopolis

The Circus was founded by Julie Hamelin, Jeannot Painchaud, and Daniel Cyr in 1993. It has since created more than seven original productions, presenting nearly four thousand performances in over three hundred and seventy-five cities in thirty-six countries. It has participated in various international festivals alongside which it recently flirted with Broadway with its performance of Rain, a show that has been on tour since 2007 across the main network of theaters. Given the Circus’s adventure-oriented mission of staging challenging pieces, it is no surprise to see why Cirque Eloize Cirkopolis tickets, have taken dance, theater and circus fans by storm once again.
Cirque Eloize which is now performing the Cirque Eloize Cirkopolis show is one of the leading contemporary circuses that incorporate fascinating aspects of performing arts. Drawn from artists of multidisciplinary talents, it channels its innovative pursuits and challenge-seeking nature through humanity and theatricality, while also combining theatre and dance, and music with circus arts in an original, path-breaking manner.  As of 2004, its creative studio and head office have been located in the well-known Gare Dalhousie, an architectural gem in the center of Old-Montreal, and is the departure station of the city’s first ever train of 1886 that traveled all the way to Vancouver. The Circus has been continually inviting and welcoming the up-and-coming artists for the maintenance of this site as the place for encounters and dialogues for a thriving circus community. Some of the events/festivals it has taken part in include Lebanon’s Beiteddine Festival, Russia’s Chekhov International Theater Festival, Sydney’s Sydney Opera House, Germany’s Recklinghausen Festival, Norway’s Bergen International Festival, England’s Barbican Theater, and Japan’s Bunkamura Orchard Hall, and many more.
In the center of the apparently imposing and stern city of Cirkopolis, dark portals and colossal gears stand to symbolize the meaninglessness of being ‘just another cog in the machine’, crushing any possibility of individuality. Performed within the parameters of an innovative stage design that is combined with beautiful video projections and an original music score, twelve diligent acrobats alongside multidisciplinary artists are seen rebelling against such monotony, in search of reinventing themselves as they are challenged by the restrictions of their factory-city. This results in the spectacular new dynamic of energies where reality is provoked by fantasy, such that the hideous veil of solitude and anonymity lifts off to be replaced by vigorous bursts of color.
The Cirque Eloize Cirkopolis show carries on scene by scene in the manner of an elemental universe, marked with sculptural imagery featuring jugglers braving the space, aerial artists defying the height of skyscrapers, and a contortionist being lifted by her friends in surge of inspiration. This experience quite similar to getting into the Cyr wheel’s dance, giving into the virtuosity of the thrill-providing diabolo, chasing the incredible motion of the German wheel alongside which one discovers what it is like to be someone who dreams of nothing other than dance.
Painchaud, who is Cirque Eloize’s creative director as well as the co-director of Cirque Eloize Cirkopolis, describes the show to have been imagined on crossroads; between reality and imagination; between community and the individual; between possibilities and limits. It is essentially driven by a rather poetic yearning for life, where the humor and the circus’s physical prowess, come together to simultaneously create a light-hearted and serious atmosphere. Don’t just sit there in wonder; hurry on to booking some cheap Cirque Eloize Cirkopolis tickets, put on some vibrant colors and be there to be refreshed by the show’s unparalleled energy.

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