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They say that a dog is a man's best friend. However, the horse comes as a close second if not trumping the dog completely, having served throughout the millennia with its strength and speed. The Cavalia phenomenon has been galloping across the globe for almost a decade now, enthralling patrons everywhere with its equestrian fare. Secure some Cavalia San Jose tickets now to behold timeless human and horse harmony.  The Cavalia San Jose show will explore the raw power of the respective steeds that has been tamed by world renowned riders that do not just simply put on a display of superior skill but also awe-inspiring grace and innovative artistry. Cavalia entails a 40 year legacy ingrained in Normand Latourelle, its artist director. Normand worked with Cirque du Soleil during its formative years in the 1980s and is the recipient of the Ordre National du Québec.

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From an aerial vantage point, the setting for Cavalia resembles something right out from a fairy tale, with towering turrets and cascading ramparts, though composed of cloth instead of bricks and mortar. Bathing its cavernous interior with light from inside, the Big Top comes alive each performing night so claim some cheap Cavalia San Jose tickets to witness the horses' hooves stir up some marvelous magic. With scintillating imagery and special effects projected on a 70-meter high screen behind a 50 meter high stage, the event is an essential experience for horse lovers and live show enthusiasts alike which can be yours too if you buy Cavalia San Jose tickets pronto.

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Q:Can I have my cavalia san jose tickets exchanged with those of another event?

A:No, you cannot have your Cavalia San Jose Tickets exchanged with those of any other event.

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