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Throughout the history of mankind and civilization, horses have assumed a position like none other from the animal kingdom. They have been used as means of transportation by businessmen, by warriors for battles and for multiple other uses. Man has always loved horses and valued their beauty. In the modern world when things have been mechanized and the traditional use of horses has been limited, their charm remains high among the people who can appreciate. To highlight this charm comes Cavalia 2, the unique horse show.

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About Cavalia 2

A production of the company named Cavalia that is based in Montreal, Quebec, the show brings to light the capabilities of horses as a source of entertainment. The company was created by Normand Latourelle who was among the original founders of the famous Canadian Entertainment company named Cirque du Soleil. The world knows him for his creative abilities and has witnessed his aesthetic sense at Cirque du Soleil, where different circus acts involving humans and animals receive extra ordinary appreciation from the audience. At Cavalia, Latourelle is the director apart from being the creator of the company, and has a pivotal role in all the acts performed at the show. The company has organized a show named Cavalia in the recent past, and after its enormous success, Cavalia 2 is ready to entertain the audience soon. People who would buy Cavalia 2 tickets would definitely invest their money in a name that they surely can trust, owing to the great performances they have witnessed from this platform in the past.
Cavalia 2 would feature different equestrian performances including some like Cavalia’s previous shows, including haute ecole, vaulting, trick riding, pas de deux and unbridled displays. The performances also at times give a touch similar to those at Cirque du Soleil. The musical score for Cavalia is a composition of Michel Cusson.

At the tours organized by Cavalia, generally 52 horses are used, all of them being from high quality breeds like geldings or stallions. The horses include Andalusian or PRE, American Quarter Horses, Canadian Horses, Lusitanos, Paint Horses, Percherons, Belgians, Appaloosa and Arabians. The fleet of horses includes half brought from the United States and the rest from Southern France. The show is organized at a tent that is the largest in the North American region, having a top that measures 26,300 square feet (2440 square meters). A group of 40 people erects and dismantles it, taking 12 days to erect and about a week to dismantle the tent completely. The material used to arrange the performance on ground is so much that it takes 45 trucks to move it. The stage erected for the performances measures about 46 meters, and about 1500 tons of sand is required to build it.

The performers at the show, i.e. the horses, are kept with great care so that the audience gets only the best of the performances. They are given 2 – 3 hours every day to play and only one hour to practice, after which they perform only for about 5 – 10 minutes at the show. The horses are also given training in a way that they can replace each other in case one of the horses is given a day off. All these endeavors manifest in making the company and its shows simply the best in their field.

From 2009 onwards, the company is also responsible for organizing a training facility at Sutton, Quebec for horses and the Government of Canada has granted about $4 million to Cavalia for this purpose. The company has grown over the years to a premiere venture in horse training and performances, and Cavalia 2 is going to showcase the best of what this company has to offer. People who love horses and horse shows can witness the marvelous performances now with cheap Cavalia 2 tickets, available online. Cavalia 2 tickets promise them the best value for their time and money!

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