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British Colombia based Firepower records has launched the most exciting tour. Firepower Tour Datsik tickets take you just there. The Firepower Tour Datsik is a big time treat for the fans of Dubstep style hip hop and electronica. The head lining act of the tour is none other than the pioneer of Dubstep in America and Canada, DATSIK. Whereas DATSIK is the leading attraction of Firepower Tour Datsik, the lineup also includes awesome supporting acts such as DELTA HEAVY, AFK, BARE NOIZE, XKR, GETTER and TERRAVITA. In fact his lineup represents the best that the Firepower label has to offer. The show promises to bring to the table cool new stuff like the Vortex DJ performance booth. This attraction is coupled with brand new real time three dimensional mapping technologies for this tour. The mix of both will give the audience breathtaking visuals effects.

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About Firepower Tour Datsik

Datsik is indeed one of the biggest names of dubstep in North America. Datsik’s music points out to the fact that there was always a need for a different kind of club music. This kind worked with the latest technology and digiatal sound effects. The use of the innovation to create music is the reason behind the rise in popularity of this artist. His approach is fresh and very much inclined towards electronic music. Datsik’s tech heavy and futuristic sounding material had an immediate impact on dance floor culture. Critics point to the fact that the music has fused everything; it feels like a mix bag all dirtied up!

Datsik’s music includes aspects of hip hop, as well as the elements of European club, rave and electronic dance music. Datsik defines Dubstep as the “punk rock of electronic music” and his definition rules the world of Dubstep. Datsik has often cited artists form varied backgrounds as musical influences. This includes hip hop greats Method Man and RZA from Wu-Tang group. Critics find it hard to put a label on Datsik‘s sound. Some have called it ‘dark and robotic’ where as others have found it ’funky and gangster’, and others describe it as simply ‘dirty’.
Born in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada, Troy Beetles decided to name himself Datsik for the stage. He took up the name from an online video game that inspired him with its fast rolling action. Over the last few years he has established himself as the leading DJ and hip hop music producer in the BC area. Beetles was introduced to Dubstep when he attended a concert in 2008’s Shambhala electronic music festival. At this occasion one of earliest names in Dubstep, Excision performed. His performance had an immediate and profound effect on Datsik, as he soon started experiment with Dubstep. In fact, Datsik would soon collaborate with Excision and the two released multiple items over the next two years. In fact, he has also collaborated with cult favorites Downlink since then.

Datsik entered the professional recording domain with a bang in 2009. With the label Beatport, he released a number of singles that climbed to the top of the local charts. In fact at a point in time he had five singles in the top ten best-sellers charts. Datsik would soon start work on this debut album with a new record label Dim Mak Records. The album was released in the 2012 with the title ‘Vitamin D’. The record features appearances and contributions from artists like Infected Mushroom Downlink, Z-Trip, and Messinian. Since finding main stream success, Datsik has had the opportunity to join forces in the recording studios with big name acts like Wu-Tang Clan and The Crystal Method. He has also performed live with Nero Steve Aoki, Rusko, DJ Craze and Bassnectar. 

Earlier this year, Datsik opened a new chapter in his career when he started his own record label. The label called Firepower Records specializes in Dubstep acts and has on-boarded many up and coming performers to the label. Firepower now represents acts like Rekoil, Getter, xKore, Delta Heavy, Terravita, AFK and Bare Noize. Datsik has also had the unique honor to have the online music sharing and services play a major part in growing his popularity. Datsik was a top draw on music sites such as Slacker, Red Eye and Juno.

Let the power of Dubstep music take over your senses. Watch the all-time great of the Dubstep genre perform live the Firepower Tour Datsik. Its time to party and cheap Firepower Tour Datsik tickets are your passport to an artistic musical journey. These tickets offer deals that you will not want to miss. Enjoy!

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