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Excision is a Dubstep disc jockey whose real name is Jeff Abel. Born in 1986, the artist decided to pursue a professional career in this musical genre in 2004. Originating from a small city named Kelowna located in British Columbia; Jeff has gained popularity for working with high profile artists and producers such as Downlink and Datsik. Dubstep is a contemporary genre of music that has gained massive popularity ever since this style came out in the nineties. The musical field is categorized by the usage of massive bass and drum lines which are infused with hip hop electronic break beats. Though initially the music was mainly played at underground music scenes, it has been able to make its way to the mainstream music industry since the 2000s. Jeff Abel’s music also represents the essence of Dubstep music and not only combines drum lines and bass but also incorporates heavy metal sounds; bringing an aggressive quality to his tracks. Jeff also uses mellow hip hop beats at times; however, metal music dominates his releases. The prolific artist has not only been among the first few to tap into the genre but has also delivered incessantly with immeasurably entrancing tracks over the years.

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The very first single that he came up with was in 2007, which Jeff released through his own record label company; Rottun Recordings. The track was named “No Escape” and released to immense critical acclaim. The artist released two more singles in the same year that were called “Warning” and “Pause”. Jeff realized that though the concept of Dubstep music was contemporary, the audience for it was massive. In the following year, he came forward with three more tracks that became super hits as soon as they hit the charts. Two of which were released through independent label companies; “Dirt Nap” which was released through Muti Records and “Serious Business” which came forward through the Rag and Bone Records. In 2009, Jeff released eight more singles and it was in this year that he was approached by Pendulum Records to do a remix of their single “Showdown”.
Jeff has been invited to perform at the Shambhala Music Festival since 2007 and his recordings from the festivals have reached over a million downloads. Annually the artist is known to perform up to fifty tracks with mixes at the Shambhala Music Festival and if you want a similar experience, be sure to attend his upcoming show. So get your hands on the Excision tickets as soon as possible. With single releases in 2010, 2011 and 2012, Jeff has also been touring side by side. In 2011, the Dubstep phenomenon toured through the U.S. with disc jockeys such as Antiserum and Downlink. Then in 2012, after the release of two more singles named “Brutal” and “Headbanga”, Jeff went on another American headlining tour along with artists such as Lucky Date and Liquid Stranger.
With the release of his debut album in 2007 that was named “X Rated”, Jeff became one of the most successful electronic entertainers in the music industry. The composition this album presents is said to be as intense as it can get. Even though a majority of tracks from this album such as “Swagga” and “In Your Face” are hardcore, his album also provides more relaxed tracks that have more of a club feel to them. “Swerve” and “Ohhh Nooo” are such tracks. Furthermore tracks such as “Jaguar” and “Sleepless” also provide listeners a break from the rest of the upbeat, insane numbers. Overall, “X Rated” provides the listener’s ear drums with all they can possibly ask for. You can also watch this entertainer perform at his next show by purchasing cheap Excision tickets.
Excision has been known to create his tracks and extreme sounds with the use of Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase, Linplug Albino 3, Native Instrument and Access Virus TI. With releases through label companies such as EX7 and Mau5trap, Jeff has definitely come a long way. Remember to buy Excision tickets beforehand, as they are bound to run out very soon.

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