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Two of the top Christian rock bands are planning to join forces for a grand tour this spring. They are Skillet and Third Day. Skillet is the Tennessee based band that has been performing since 1996, and has been honored with the Grammy Awards. Third Day, on the other hand, is the Georgia based band, which was also formed in the 1990s. They have been honored by being inducted into the Music Hall of Fame in Georgia, and have also managed to sell multiple records in the US. They lean towards Christian rock and make several biblical references in their music and their lyrics. Skillet & Third Day tickets are now available, so get them booked right away.

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About Skillet Third Day


The band Skillet consists of John Cooper, the lead vocalist and bass player, and his wife, Korey Cooper, who plays the keyboards and rhythm guitars. They are joined by Seth Morrison, who is their lead guitarist and Jen Ledger, who plays drums for the band. The band rose to the heights of fame during the 90s. They have so far released eight albums, out of which “Awake” received Platinum status, and even ranked at number two on the Billboard 200. “Camtose” was awarded Gold status. This album, along with “Collide” received Grammy Award nomination too.


Over the years, several members have come and gone in the band’s lineup. To this date, John Cooper remains the only original member. However, the band’s sound and legacy has remained consistent. They are known not only for their contemporary take on gospel music, but also for being one of the most extensive touring groups of their genre. They perform concerts all through the year, and this has earned them the title of the “Hardest Working Band”. This year, they will be pairing up with another group, so if you wish to see them in concert, Skillet and Third Day tickets will be available online soon. Skillet started out with only two members, John Cooper and Ken Steorts. They started off by performing with different bands. When they first met, they were both performing a different genre of rock. However, their styles complimented each other, and they were interested in the idea of experimenting with new sounds. This is why they named their band “Skillet”.


Like Skillet, Third Day has also experienced their fair share of success. They have been nominated for Grammy Awards, and have managed to bag it five times, their most recent win being in 2010 with their album, “Live Revelations”. In the years prior, their albums have always managed to win awards in one or more gospel genres. They have also been winning at the Gospel Music Awards consistently since 1998, with a staggering twenty awards to their name. It is not only the academies and critics that have noticed their extraordinary talent; their music has fared quite well with the general public too. So far, they have sold ten million records in the US alone, and have a hefty following around the world as well.


Third Day was formed in 1992, when Mark Lee and Mac Powell were playing together at church and met another pair of musicians, Tai Anderson and David Carr. The four of them clicked instantly and decided to form a band. They started out by playing around Atlanta in whichever venue that would take them. By the end, they raised around $3000, which gave them the start they needed for the recording of a studio album.


In the following years, lineup changed a lot. Eventually, they started the label deal hunt, especially pursuing “Gray Dot”. It led to the release of “Third Day”, their self-titled album which sold 20,000 copies. “Reunion Records” signed them after that, for their next albums to come. They rereleased their eponymous work with their new label, and this time it sold 300,000 copies. This was the time that critics started to notice them. Since then, they have been at the top of their game, being one of the most successful bands of the genre. Skillet and Third Day tickets are now up for sale. If you are a fan of Christian music and rock; this will be the concert for you. It is not often that two top bands from a genre come together, and the upcoming collaborative concert is one that the fans have been waiting for.


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