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One of the fairly well known pop singers of our time is Amy Grant. This star with a Scorpio zodiac sign was born in 1960. By profession she is not only a singer but is an author, a well established song writer and an actress. There are few media personalities which prove to be so diverse for extended periods of time. Her Christian music has been the major reason for her rise to fame. For this reason, she has become to be known as the “Queen of Christian pop”. Since she started her music career, Grant has racked millions in record deals and sold forty million records on the international market. That alone is a figure which has “diva” written all over it.

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Amy Grant

Events Venue Location Date Price Tickets
Christmas at the Ryman: Amy Grant & Vince Gill Ryman Auditorium Nashville Wednesday
11/29/2017 7:30 PM
$70.00 Buy
Christmas at the Ryman: Amy Grant & Vince Gill Ryman Auditorium Nashville Thursday
11/30/2017 7:30 PM
$143.00 Buy
Christmas at the Ryman: Amy Grant & Vince Gill Ryman Auditorium Nashville Wednesday
12/6/2017 7:30 PM
$105.00 Buy
Christmas at the Ryman: Amy Grant & Vince Gill Ryman Auditorium Nashville Thursday
12/7/2017 7:30 PM
$148.00 Buy
Christmas at the Ryman: Amy Grant & Vince Gill Ryman Auditorium Nashville Wednesday
12/13/2017 7:30 PM
$100.00 Buy

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About Amy Grant

Like many of her predecessors, Amy Grant hit the music scene well before her twentieth birthday. Instantly, due to her recognizable voice and her Christian inclinations, she became a recognizable figure in the realm of pop music. Her hit titles such as “Angels” and “Father’s Eye” remain favorites of her fans to this day. By her twenty sixth birthday had landed her first song, “The next time I fall” on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The road to her success seemed to have been paved since that summer of 1986. By the mid nineteen eighties, she had established herself as a gospel artist and in the nineties became the first to shift to pop music from this genre. “Heart in Motion” was one her most successful albums of the eighties an included another billboard chart topper “Baby Baby”.
Over the years, Amy Grant has stamped her presence on the music scene as a gospel artist and the twenty five Gospel Music Association Dove Awards are proof of that. Apart from that, she happens to be the first Christian singer who went Platinum and won six Grammy Awards. Her most impressive selling album to date is “Heart in Motion”. In North America alone this album sold seven million copies. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has a star of Amy Lee Grant acknowledging her contributions in the entertainment world of music.
Amy Grant had set her aims really high from the beginning. Being labeled as the Queen of Christian Pop was just not enough. She wanted to set a bench mark for other Christian singer-songwriters. In the mid eighties, she released her album titled “Unguarded”. One of the most iconic and memorable album covers came in the form of her posing in leopard-print jackets. The charts and fan-base began to grow over-night. Her songs first hit the top fifty rankings in the Billboards and then wound up in the top ten. A duet with Peter Cetera was her first shot at the top slot in the Billboard Top Charts. Other famous musicians which she collaborated with over the next few years were Randy Stonehill and Art Garfunkel. The resulting duets were some of her best creations.
In the nineties, Amy Grant did not fail to deliver excellence to her fans. She had become a mother by this time and her song “Baby Baby” was written after being inspired by her new born baby girl. Her album “Heart in Motion” saw five singles hit the top ten on the Billboard 100 charts. All music fans can appreciate how rare an achievement this is. She received nominations and subsequently won Grammy Awards for Best Vocalist (Female) and Best Record of the Year titles. Two of these songs namely, “Good For Me” and “I Will Remember You” hit the top slot. Till then Madonna had been the only other female artist to boast of such credentials. One of her most popular song is “Breath of Heaven”. This song became her signature and was covered by many other artists such as Jessica Simpson, Sara Groves and Barbara Cook to name a few.
Amy Grant has always enjoyed the luxury of a huge fan following, her crystallized voice and stirring lyrics have for long been her trademark. Many big names in the talk-show industry have touted her as being a mixture of the best female artists. She is soon scheduled to perform live in a great music concert. If you are a fan of hers or a fan of watching a great performance, then get Amy Grant tickets. She will continue to win hearts of her fans around the world  and with cheap Amy Grant tickets in your hands, you can enjoy a music concert like never before.

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