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Zion I Medford concert is a highly recommended show because the hip hop singers kill the stage with their terrific performance. Zion I premiered his career by appearing in the locally distributed EP titled Enter the Woods. He pulled inspiration from the songs such as The Breaks by Kurtis Blow and Rock Box by Run-D.M.C that actually took him closer to the hip hop music. The duo released its first single, Inner Light on the Ground Control Records. The song was received quite warmly by the fans and critics and hence led to anticipation for the album release. In the year 2000, the band released its debut album, Mind over Matter to great acclaim. They have proved their metal with seven studio albums that include Deep Water Slang V2.0, True & Livin', Break a Dawn, Heroes in the City of Dope, The Take Over, Shadowboxing and Atomic Clock.

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Formed in 1996, Zion I is a California based hip hop duo comprising of producer AmpLive and MC Zumbi. The duo showed a keen interest in musical instruments from the very beginning and hence began to play musical instruments such as drums and piano at a young age. The music enthusiasts love the avant-garde production techniques of Amp blended with the positive and socially conscious lyrics of Zumbi. The talented duo is out on a road tour and their next stop is Medford, so do not forget to get your hands on the Zion I Medford tickets. You do not have to worry about the price because cheap Zion I Medford tickets are also up for grabs.