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Tyler the Creator gained popularity as the leader of the alternative and hip-hop collective called, Odd Future. He rose to prominence in 2007, with the group’s core members; Earl Swearshirt, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain. They quickly gained fame and developed a dedicated following. The bizarre, dreamlike and rather controversial ideas that they presented in their music not only earned them a distinctive spot in the rapping music industry, but also made their music irreplaceable. The genius behind most of these works has been Tyler himself. And now this idiosyncratic artist is scheduled to appear in your city for a live performance. Get your Tyler the Creator tickets today and get a chance to become part of a unique music experience.

About Tyler The Creator


Tyler was only seven years old when he used to design album covers for his own imaginary albums. At that time no one could have thought that he would grow up to become an amazing artist- both in terms of music as well as cover designing. Tyler taught himself piano at the age of fourteen. He finally entered the world of music professionally in 2009, with his debut, self-released album titled, “Bastard”. According to the Pitchfork Media, this album ranked 32 on the list of top albums in 2010. His second album, “Goblin” came out in 2011, and established Tyler as the new sensation in town.


The first album of Tyler started his therapy sessions with his fictional therapist, as the title track also signifies as “this is the first of three sessions”. The third album, titled “Wolf”, therefore sealed these imaginary sessions. This album also contained some instrumentals that Tyler, the Creator has been making since he was only fifteen years of age. In contrast to his previous two records, in this album, Tyler also focused more on beats and less on rapping. During this time, Tyler also started making television appearances, along with his fellow musician from Odd Future, Hodgy Beats.


In 2011, Tyler started his own live show called, ‘Loiter Squad’. Composed of various sketches and pranks, featuring Odd Future music, this program was directed by Tyler himself, who also acted as well as worked as the graphic artist of the show. With four super hit releases in a time span of just seven years, Tyler the Creator has truly carved a name in the music industry. Other than his album releases, Tyler also keeps working on side projects. One such latest endeavor by the artist is his participation in a charity oriented LP recording. Tyler and several other notable stars, including Nick Cave, Katy Perry, Mark Mothersbaugh, Kirk Hammett and Danny Elfman, have all covered the same 1892 song for a benefit LP. The song covered by all of these stars is “Daisy Bell” and is going to be released as a part of Mark Ryden’s upcoming exhibit.


Tyler has also been subject to criticism, primarily for his unabashed use of swears words and lyrics touching upon the taboo topics. His graphics have also been condemned for their misogynistic interpretations and references to violence. Despite that, Tyler continues to create idiosyncratic music and draw uncanny paintings, and his fan following continues to increase by the day. Tyler the Creator has a reputation of giving his fans a great time in his live performances. Now you also have a chance to watch this remarkable artist live in action, whose journey to success is as intriguing as his music and lyrics. To become part of hi concert, all you need to do is to get Tyler the Creator tickets before they sell out.