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The hip hop singer, who has become the talk of the town, Iggy Azalea, is creating waves all around the world. This Australian singer has already produced three singles which have featured in the UK Top 20 hits; “Work”, “Bounce” and “Change Your Life”. Her recent single, “Fancy” has made it to the top five on the iTunes chart. Iggy released her debut album, The New Classic in April 2014. The album has received great reviews from critics and has done extremely well commercially. Get a chance to listen to Iggy live, by buying your cheap Iggy Azalea tickets now.

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About Iggy Azalea


Iggy Azalea’s new album took over the position of the highest charting female rap album as soon as it was released. The album made it to the top five of several charts around the world. It also got nominated at the Grammy’s four times for the categories, including “Best New Artist” and “Record of the Year.” Though the album is generally classified as a hip hop album; some songs contain elements of EDM, dance pop and trap music.


The New Classic’s opening track, “Walk the Line” proves Iggy’s rapping skills. Her flow during the song is very smooth, as she raps about the changes that happened in her life when she moved from Australia to the US at the age of 16. The mid tempo chorus is very catchy and makes you like the song instantly. “Don’t Need Y’all” is one of those songs that will stay with you for a long time. It contains a few lyrics from her single “Work” as well.


“100” is one of the most addictive songs of the album. In this track, Iggy talks about keeping your love real. The chorus of the song makes you want to tap your foot along to the beat. This track became a smashing hit. “Fancy” became the biggest hit of the album and reached the number one position on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.


“Change your life” is another one of Iggy’s chart toppers. It reached number ten on the UK Singles Chart and also featured on the Australian Top 50 list. Iggy talks about the “bitches” she has dealt with in her life. “New Bitch” is a brilliant summer jam that makes you want to dance along to its beat.


The song that made Iggy Azalea a popular sensation, “Work,” still sounds as good as it did when it was released. Fans have fallen in love with this number, and it has taken over the radio stations by storm. Iggy tries to empower her fans with the track “Impossible is Nothing.” The song has a fresh feel to it and motivational lyrics.


Iggy Azalea’s album shows that she is a powerhouse of talent. She has received many awards in recognition of her work. These include two American Music Awards for the rap/hip hop category and Iggy was also placed at number one on Billboard Year-End’s Top New Artists chart. Her live concerts are known to be as amazing as she sounds on record, so they are a perfect way to let your hair loose with friends. So grab your Iggy Azalea tickets now and get ready for a smashing show.


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