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Born on the twenty third of July in the year 1971, Kem Owens more popularly known as Kem is a singer, producer and songwriter from the land of Nigeria. This Nigerian artist performs music that falls in the genre of soul and R&B music. R&B music is a specific genre of music that incorporates and infuses elements from blues, rhythm, hip hop, soul and pop music. Basically it combines different musical elements to create both upbeat and deep music. Such a musical form is more of a contemporary form than jazz and rock music as it originated in the 60s. However the revival of such music occurred in the 2000s when you talk about R&B and the mainstream music industry. The artist is a multi-instrument player and knows how to rock musical instruments such as piano and the guitar. If you wish to listen to this artist perform at his next performance, all that needs to be done is you purchasing the Kem tickets as soon as you can.

About Kem

Kem was born in the state of Michigan, in the notorious city of Detroit and was raised there as well. After finishing off high school the artist got involved in gangs and became an addict. He left home due to being isolated from the family and started living on the streets. Such bad conditions led his condition to worsen as his addiction grew stronger. This phase did not end until he got connected with his spiritual side and got involved in music. The singer says that his music career sprung into full gear as soon as he gained interest in spirituality. Due to this incorporation of the spiritual instinct, the artist is appreciated even by the elder listeners who claim his sound to be classy instead of just showcasing hip hop beats.
The artist entered the field of music in the year 2002 and has been active ever since. His debut album was released by the artist independently himself and was named "Kemistry". The album was created after waiting tables and singing in a wedding band. The artist was able to catch attention of the famous Motown Record Company who offered to sign him in a contract deal. With the help of Motown Records, the artist decided to re-release the album and this was done in the year 2003, under the same name. His debut album was able to get gold certification and sold a total of five hundred thousand albums nationwide. The album reached the number fourteenth spot amongst the United States R&B charts. One of his songs "Love Calls", perhaps the first single on his debut album was said to be a "Motown classic" by the USA Today. If you wish to listen to this singer perform this wondrous hit, you can catch him at his next musical performance by getting your hands on cheap Kem tickets.
Kem released his second album, soon after the success of his first album. In the year 2005, his second album "Album II" was released through the Motown Records. This album too, like the first one, received gold certification and was able to sell more than five hundred thousand records nationwide. The album was able to reach the number one spot in the United States R&B charts. It was also able to reach the number fifth position in the U.S. charts. The single "I Can’t Stop Loving You" was given the first position on the "Urban Adult Contemporary Radio". The album also showcased another hit that was co-sung with the legendary singer, Stevie Wonder who also played the harmonica on the song. This song was named "You Might Win". Be a part of the phenomenal experience by purchasing Kem tickets.
His third album was released in the year 2010, named "Intimacy: Album III" which was released through the Universal Motown Records Label. This album, like the artists previous three albums also went gold and was able to reach to the number two spot on both the U.S and the U.S. R&B charts. Due to such astonishing hits Kem was nominated for 2 Billboard Music Awards in the year 2005 and he also received 2 nominations in the Grammy Awards for the year 2011. The artist won the 2005 ‘Top R&B Single of the Year’ award from the Billboard Music Awards. So get ready to listen to some soulful classic R&B music as the artist prepares for his next event. Acquire Kem tickets before they run out.