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BOK center, Tulsa is all set to be bombarded with a reunion of rock and great rockers. The iconic band of the seventies, Van Halen, has survived five decades of struggle as a dismantled rock outfit. After surviving the tides of reconciliation the band is back in business. Van Halen Tulsa tickets bring the band in its most aggressive and pumped moods ever.

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Ready to hit the BOK center stage with Van Halen Tulsa show are David Lee Roth, Sammy Haggar and the legendary trio of the Van Halens. In support for the album A Different Kind of Truth; the band augments itself and its music by performing live. Since the 1998 studio release Van Halen I, II, the band’s following has suffered a strong drought of live and studio performances. Van Halen returns with a tour ensuring catharsis by rock for everyone.
Van Halen is a rock ‘n roll wonder, a completely unique live rock performing band that praised hard rock. It has gone as far as touching metal, and wining recognition as then nineteenth best-selling act of our times. Van Halen is nothing less than a legendary rock act, has stood steady and strong in the test of time and tide. It is promising to become an exemplary act personifying revival of rock in its own way. Van Halen Tulsa tickets bring an opportunity that must be used to get the best of the best Van Halen music. Cheap Van Halen Tulsa tickets offer more for less, so make booking smart and timely. Enjoy!