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Take That concert in the upcoming months along with the release of their brand new music album is a double treat by the band for their loyal fans. The group has been very famous for putting up amazing shows with lots of good music and raw energy, and their concerts across country this year are expected to be jam packed and completely sold out.

About Take That

After the increased recognition of boy bands in United Stands and their success across the continent Take That was formed in the early 90s as one of the first complete British boy band. A proper campaign was carried out with the objective of creating a band with more teen oriented feel. Gary Barlow has been the founding member of the band and his song writing abilities became the foundation of the group. Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams were the next to join the band. Original name of the band was chosen to be Kick it but members did not like it and opted for the title Take That because as per them it was worst of a bad bunch of suggested names.

Singing song covers can bring fame or criticism to any band and with Take That luckily it was much fame as well as their first breakthrough single was a cover of the 1975 hit It only takes a minute by Tavares. Before the release of this song, other songs by the band had been a minor hit in UK but this song cover took them amongst top 10 songs in UK singles chart. The rest became history as this success was followed by other hits including I found heaven, a million love songs and another cover of a disco hit Could It Be Magicby Barry Manilow has been their biggest hit till date. First album of the band came out in 1991 and included all their hit singles.

Take That is very famous for their dancing pop tunes and ballads that touch the hearts of their listeners. Their music has helped the band win various awards in Britain along with the two best selling albums of the decade. Take that and party was the band’s first album but the albums that were rated as the best selling albums of the decade have been Everything Changes and their Greatest Hits album. Their album Everything Changes included four singles that topped the UK charts and took them to heights of stardom. 1995 had been a really important year for the band as they released their third album titled Nobody Else which included their biggest hit single Back for Good which ruled charts in 31 countries and has been covered 89 times across the globe. The band also developed a huge female fan following that were mostly in their teens.

Later in 1996, after completing their first world tour Robbie Williams decided to leave the group. And the remaining four members released another single titled Take That and the band paid a final tribute to their fans by compiling and releasing the Greatest Hits in 1996. But this was not enough for their fans as teenage females were really heartbroken and UK government had to set up official hotlines in order to provide counseling to the heartbroken fans.

Take That got together for a documentary in 2005 and later announced a world tour but Robbie Williams was not part of it. After ten years of absence, the band’s comeback album titled as Beautiful World entered as number one in UK charts and became 35th best selling music album in UK history. This time around, they changed their style and instead of having just one lead singer all the four members were given an opportunity to lend their vocals to this album. Beautiful World also became the best selling album of 2007. The band released another album The Circus in 2008 which ruled the charts and their fans hearts once again. Robbie Williams returned to the band in 2010 and joined Barlow for writing and singing. The band released another album The Progress in 2010 which became the fastest selling album of the country. Other than this, the band’s singles have been used in various movies including the highly anticipated summer flick X Men: First Class.

Take That has provided quality entertainment to its loyal fan base by ruling the charts and hearts of millions in all these years. With a string of upcoming concerts featuring the group, it looks as if they would be rocking the music scene for many more years to come. Do not miss out on a chance to see the very talented musicians live at a gig near your home. Grab your Take That tickets today.