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Steve Vai is an Italian/American rock guitarist who emerged in the industry during the music boom of the eighties. He became popular by playing stunt guitar with the legendary music composer Frank Zappa during the early 80s. Born in 1960 in New York, Steve began learning guitar from Joe Satriani, who was his senior and used to sing at local gatherings during that time. After getting some basic know-how about the music instruments, Vai entered the Berklee College of Music to get a proper training in music. Staring his music journey with an aim to become as popular as the singers that he inspired, Steve Vai has accomplished his goals successfully. The Steve Vai tickets are a popular choice for the rock music fans.

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About Steve Vai

Steve Vai has been collaborating with different artists during the course of his career. While he was attending the music school, Vai transcribed various challenging compositions by Frank Zappa. Zappa, after listening to the transcriptions, invited Vai to join his band, and this is how the young boy entered the music industry. He performed with Zappa for three years and then moved to California to begin his solo career in 1983. However, he continuously joined hands with one musician/band after another for collaborative compositions. In 1985, he became the lead guitarist of the existing band Alcatrazz and recorded the album ‘Distributing the Peace’. His following albums ‘Eat ’Em and Smile’ and ‘Sky Scrapper’ were released along with Van Halen’s band. In 1989, Vai replaced Whitesnake’s guitarist Adrian Vandenberg prior to the release of its album ‘Slip of the Tongue’. He also played music with the 60’s hard rock musician Alice Cooper. Steve Vai tickets are not only demanded for his individual concerts, but also for the shows featuring other rock musicians.  
During the late eighties, Steve Vai became one of the ‘Best Rock Guitarist’ and collected numerous awards for this title and also for other categories. During this time period, he became one of the 100 Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time.  In early nineties, he was seen performing with Ozzy Osbourne. He earned his first Grammy nomination for his 1990 solo album ‘Passion and Warfare’. Soon he won a Grammy Award for the track ‘Sofa’ from Frank Zappa’s album ‘Zappa’s Universe’. Vai was often seen touring live with G3, which is led by his first music teacher Joe Satriani. As of 2012, Steve Vai has released ten studio albums other than the collaborative work. If you are interested to listen to one of the ‘Best Rock Instrumental Performance’ ever, then you must attend a live show by the passionate guitarist Steve Vai.
Many of the sound tracks composed by the talented rock musician have been featured in video games including ‘Formula One’ for PlayStation, ‘Hal 2’ for X-Box and in ‘Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock’ for multiple games. Moreover, his music has also been seen in several feature films including Ghosts of Mars, Crossroads and various others. In 1999, Steve Vai introduced his own record label known as ‘Favored Nations’, which according to him will feature the ‘artists that have attained the highest performance level on their chosen instruments’. During the course of three decades, Vai has received some of the greatest honors and achieved tremendous success in his particular field. He has received more than forty awards by now and just came up with his latest album in 2012. He provides his fans a completely new experience of rock guitar stunt, which include the sounds created by ‘impossible guitar parts’ as described by Frank Zappa. Steve Vai tickets have become quite popular all over the world ever since he completed the international tour successfully. You can now be a part of his upcoming concert, so book your deals right away.

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