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Scorpions, a German rock band, formed in 1965 is one of the most entertaining groups that is known for playing heavy metal and hard rock. The group consists of five members who include Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, James Kottak and Pawel Maciwoda.

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Scorpions is best known for its songs “Rock You like a Hurricane” and the ballad “Wind of Change”.
The band is famous for its catchy music and stays true to its genre.Blackout” is one classic example of the band’s pure and traditional metal compositions. Cheap Scorpions Wantagh tickets concert will treat the fans with fabulous music on a platter which includes almost all the ingredients such as good lyrics, music, guitars, drumming, bass work and good vocals. Don’t miss it for anything!
After years of struggle and making extraordinary music, Scorpions still got spark. Their music as well as the onstage performances are loved by the masses. Animal Magnetism, Love at First Sting, Savage Amusement are some of the most popular releases of the band which have met fan’s expectations. They have always brought strong musical compositions for their listeners and in future as well they are expected to do the same. Scorpions Wantagh show will bring you a perfect band whose music is solid and should not be missed.
Scorpions Wantagh tickets have a special significance as the show is definitely going to “Rock You like a Hurricane”. Avail the golden opportunity by attending the concert and enjoy “Unbreakable” performance of Scorpions.