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Insects are generally regarded with a lot of disdain and apprehension, especially spiders, beetles and scorpions. However, counterparts of the later two in the musical world have been hailed as amongst the greatest acts in their respective genres of hard rock and rock 'n' roll. Clamp down on some cheap Scorpions Albuquerque tickets now to get your essential rock laced stinging.

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Crawling out from under a "rock" in the land of Bavaria aka Germany in the mid-sixties, the Scorpions expressed themselves in human forms, namely Rudolf Schenker on the rhythm guitar as well as initially on vocals and Klaus Meine eventually on primary vocals along with his brother Michael commanding the lead guitar. The Scorpions later inducted Wolfgang Dziony as well as Lothar Heimberg for manning the drums and the bass respectively.
Commencing their operations with Lonesome Crow in 1972, the headliners of the Scorpions Albuquerque event attained moderate success with the first quartet of studio offerings and then powered up the charts with Lovedrive in 1979, eventually bursting through into the top-ten slot on Billboard 200 with Blackout and then staying put with 'Love at First Sting' and 'Savage Amusement' throughout the 1980s.
Hammering dozens of gold and platinum certifications, the Scorpions have sold more than a 100 million records worldwide, spurred forth by singles such as "No One Like You," the phenomenal  "Wind of Change" as well as "Rhythm of Love". These and many more will surely "Rock You Like a Hurricane" at the Scorpions Albuquerque happening. Secure some Scorpions Albuquerque tickets now for a thunderous symphonic clawing.