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Sade Adu formed a band in 1983 along with Andrew Hale, Paul Spencer Denman and Stuart Mathewman and started off on her way to fame. She rendered a new taste to the funk, jazz and soul music and also added the element of R&B in her music. The band is not only popular in UK but has also sold more than 20 million albums in US. Even with the debut album, while the worldwide sales count up to 50 million. The band charted among the top ten in UK and was certified platinum. The brilliance of Sade’s performance at the Lovers Live Tour, Love Deluxe World Tour and Promise Tour added to her fame and even larger crowds on her live concerts.  

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If you are wondering what Sade’s live concert is all about, you just need to get a couple of Sade Austin tickets. The stage charm of Sade is enough to make her live concerts a wonderful experience and if that is not enough, swaying to the beats of their music with a venue full of fans makes the experience all the more better. Frank Erwin Center will be brimming with the fans of Sade and will be dancing away the night enjoying the live versions of her brilliant songs. Along with her band members, she presents a live performance which fans remember for a long time.  The time is here, the time is now! Book your Sade Austin tickets and get ready to experience an amazing live concert!