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All the heavy metal and hard rock fans, get ready for some loud action! Rush Cleveland concert is the place promising you the excitement and thrill you deserve! Canadian band Rush, formed in 1968 in Toronto, Ontario, is composed of lyricist and drummer Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson on guitars and Geddy Lee on Bass guitars, keyboards as well as on the lead vocals. The band after its formation went through a number of changes in its members, and attained its current form in 1974 when John Rutsey left the drums for Peart. The band’s debut album Rush brought them the initial fame in March 1974, when audience appreciated their skills on instruments as well as complicated compositions.

About Rush Cleveland Tickets Tickets

The songs were mainly directed towards science and fiction, as well as philosophy, fantasy and humanitarian issues. Over the years, the band’s musical direction has shifted from heavy metal predominating to the more recent hard rock and progressive rock. Being popular for music and style, Rush has won many awards and titles including Juno Awards, and many records have sold gold and platinum. They were inducted in the Canadian Hall of Fame in 1994. They are on 3rd position in having most consecutive Gold and Platinum albums, only behind the Beatles and The Rolling Stone. Currently, Rush is working on their upcoming album, Clockwork Angels, which is likely to be released in 2011. For the music lovers across the country, Rush Cleveland tickets are a gateway to a time full of excitement, thrill and some really wonderful music. Cleveland, Ohio and its residents await the concert anxiously.

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Q:Through what service do you deliver Rush Cleveland tickets to the customers?

A:Rush Tickets are delivered to the customers mostly through FedEx which is the most reliable courier service in the world.

Q:I want to know about the dates and schedule of Rush in Cleveland. Where can i get the details?

A:You can get the details about the event from the page of Rush Tickets.