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Promise of the Real is an emerging American rock and roll group. The band originates from Venice, California and has been active in the rock landscape since 2008. Promise of the Real or POTR is headed by Lukas Nelson, son of famous country and rock singer-songwriter, Willie Nelson. In 2007, Lukas moved from Hawaii to Los Angeles where he attended the Loyola Marymount University. He met Anthony LeGerfo in early 2008 at a Neil Young concert. The two struck a partnership and soon began playing music together in Seal Beach, California.

About Promise Of The Real

Late 2008 saw Lukas dropping out of college to pursue a fulltime career in music. The same year he called upon LaGerfo, Merlyn Kelly and Tato Melgar to play music with him together and the band, Promise of the Real, was formed. The quartet featured Nelson as vocalist and guitarist, LaGerfo performed on drums, Melgar as percussionist and Kelly as bassist.

Early shows and Live Beginnings

In the fall of 2008, the band began playing their first shows. Their first EP, Live Beginnings, was a mix of live recordings that sold well and helped in paying for their touring costs. In early 2009, the rock outfit began a nine-show concert opening for Willie Nelson. The tour included a five night stop in San Francisco at the notable venue, The Fillmore. It was followed by a two-week tour through Colorado and Nebraska alongside iconic blues singer B.B. King.

Subsequent albums

In 2009 the rock group issued their self-released debut, an EP titled, Brando’s Paradise Sessions. Lucas’ brother Micah Nelson contributed artwork for the album and designed the band’s trademark Peace Sign logo. The album proved to be modestly successful selling over ten thousand copies. Soon after, bassist Merlyn Kelly left the band to pursue other interests and the remaining trio was left to search for a replacement. After trying out a couple of substitutes, the group ended up with Carey McCormick as the new full-time bassist.  

In 2010, the band released a self-titled, full-length record. The album features thirteen tracks including “Four Letter Word”, “Toppers” and the nearly fourteen minute track “All the Pretty Horses.” The band’s multi-genre influence is apparent in this diverse album. The album was followed by extensive promotional tours across the country, as they performed over two hundred times in 2011. Their second full-length album Wasted was released in 2012 and featured tracks “Don’t Take Me Back” and “Golden Rule,” among twelve others.

The Monsanto Years and Rebel Content tour

In 2015, Promise of the Real teamed up with long time collaborator Neil Young and released a joint LP. The album, titled Monsanto Years, will feature eleven tracks including “Monsanto Years”, “Rock Starbucks” and “Too Big to Fail.” The band will be touring tirelessly this spring, summer and fall. They will be backing Neil Young on his Rebel Content tour through various east coast venues. They will also be headlining performances at Mountain Town Fest, Bigstock 2015 and the Keeping It Real Fest. 

At their previous tours, the band has received much praise particularly for Lukas Nelson’s excellent showmanship. Promise of the Real tickets are likely to be in great demand because the group has gained quite a devoted following over the years.