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Fans of progressive rock are in for a very special treat because Paul Brown and The Killing Devils are headed this way. They have hit the road as part of their latest tour for a series of concerts that will once again show the amazing repertoire of the group and Paul himself. So if you are fan of the genre then all you need to do is grab Paul Brown and The Killing Devils tickets for this is a concert of a lifetime.

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About Paul Brown And The Killing Devils

Paul Brown heads the The Killing Devils as the lead singer. On top of being a remarkable multi-faceted artist he is also a lawyer who has fought the battle of the common man. His principle in life is doing everything he can to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to live in a world where there is total freedom. From being a lawyer all the way to becoming a music artist, Paul has taken quite a different path and it has worked out pretty well. The trademark sound the dominated the group’s music is inspired from the likes of Police, Van Halen, Foo Fighters, Steely Dan, Rush and The Beatles among many others.
The Killing Devils line-up is made up of Paul taking up the duties of the lead vocalist, the rhythm guitarist and the group’s keyboard player. Jim Caddy handles bass and the vocals. Henry Wiggers looks after the drums, vocals and percussion. David Hines is the co-lead vocalist and also acts as the lead guitarist. On top of that Hines also shares a very special friendship with Paul. They know each other inside out and that amazing bond also manifests itself in the group’s music for the world to see and enjoy. Every member of The Killing Devils has a role to fill and they do it with as much perfection as possible.

With such an iconic list of artists to look up to, Paul Brown and The Killing Devils have come up with a different type of a post modern sound which is progressive rock and alternative rock but with elements of other genres. The fusion is simply breathtaking. The group came out with their first big CD in 2006. It was titled Red Spider which turned out to be a huge hit. The success of the album was the watershed moment they had always been looking for. The chance to grow further was right there in front of them and they didn’t let it pass them by.

They followed that up by releasing their next CD which was titled The Wizard’s Dawn. It came out in 2009 September and received a lot of critical acclaim as well. The album isn’t about one particular genre or style of music. The Wizard’s Dawn was geared towards reaching a much wider fan base with a music that was for more than one segment of the masses. A lot of effort was put in to make it work and it showed. The enormous response it received shows the world that the group weren’t just one hit wonders. They have also played at some of the most amazing venues around the country and abroad. They are also now working on some new projects which are expected to make their presence felt in the not too distant future.

The Paul Brown and The Killing Devils is a group that is just about as sensational as they get. They have reached where they are right now through the sheer power of their incredible skills. The journey began not too long ago and it’s obvious that if they keep on treading the same path they will reach the top soon enough. With the group now on their latest road trip it is a perfect opportunity for the fans to catch them live. So book your cheap Paul Brown and The Killing Devils tickets and watch what makes them so special.

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