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Never Shout Never is the stage name of an American acoustic pop musician Christofer Drew Ingle. Never Shout Never is nineteen years old and started making music in 2007. He used the internet as a tool to promote himself and his music and did so successfully on his personal page on MySpace. In February 2008, Never Shout Never released his first EP which he named as 'Demo-Shmemo'. This was not recorded in a proper studio. Never Shout Never did all the recording in his basement by himself without any professional help. The album was available on iTunes for some time but has been removed and can no longer be purchased. After the release of 'Demo-Shmemo', Never Shout Never recorded another EP and released it in July 2008. Some of the tracks from 'Demo-Shmemo' were recorded again in a proper studio and released in 'The Yippee EP'. The EP was available on the website Smartpunk for download. It sold over 11,400 copies. This made Never Shout Never the greatest seller that wasn't signed in 2008. The EP was recorded by Engaged Audio. Never Shout Never uses a unique way to list his tracks where he does not leave any spaces between words. The release of his EP immediately bore fruit as he was called on TRL (Total Request Live) for a live performance. He took the opportunity to perform 'Bigcitydreams'. Later in the same year, he toured around with HelloGoodbye and Ace Enders.

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In November 2008, before going on tour, Ingle started to use his alias Never Shout Never officially. The name appears as 'NeverShoutNever!' on his albums and posters but there is no special reason that the name is spelled that way without the spaces. Perhaps Never Shout Never is going along with the way he lists his tracks. No official word has been received about the matter. After his tour in late 2008 was over, he started more tours this time with bands like 'The Bigger Lights', ' The Honorary Title and 'The Scene Aesthetic'. Later on he toured with other bands like 'Mercy Mercedes', 'The Cab', etc as part of 'The Bamboozle'. In June 2009, Never Shout Never released another EP. This was called as 'The Summer EP' and unlike his previous albums, the name did not appear without spaces and with an exclamation mark but appeared as Never Shout Never. Also the tracks were listed with spaces this time. This EP was originally intended to be the debut album but ended up as an EP. The album features a complete band instead of Ingle alone. Patrick Carrie was on Guitars and Vocals, Jamie Sheridan was on guitars and Hayden Benton was on drums. Ingle was of course, also part of the band. In May 2009, Never Shout Never came to an agreement with Warner Bros. Records and the deal stated that Never Shout Never will release his songs and albums using his own label 'Loveway Records'.

After a lot of hard work and dedication, finally, in January of 2010, Never Shout Never released a debut album. 'What is Love?' was 24th on the Billboard the week of its release but dropped down later on. The album was produced by Butch Walker who is also credited for backing vocals. Other people credited in 'What is Love?' are Nathan Ellison, Dustin Dobernig and Caleb Denison, aside from Ingle himself. The CD launch contained eight songs and two bonus tracks, namely, 'Happy' and 'Your biggest Fan'. Both the bonus tracks were live versions of the songs. Overall, Never Shout Never has released five EPs and two studio albums. The second studio album 'Harmony' was released in August 2010 and is a full length album. This album opened at number 14 on the Billboard Charts. The album has 11 tracks and 3 Bonus Tracks. Never Shout Never now tours as a band called 'The Shout' and Ingle plays the Ukelele and the guitar. The members that tour with Ingle are Caleb Denison, Nathan Ellison, Taylor MacFee, Dustin Dobernig and Hayden Kaiser. Ingle is the lead singer. The band is touring around and playing their best music live. Our website provides the cheapest tickets to the Never Shout Never concerts and you can avail these tickets and make sure you do not miss these rising stars performing. Get your Never Shout Never tickets online today.

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