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Fans of Ian Anderson will be pleased to know that the famous musician is going on tour and will be visiting many places for concerts. Ian Anderson tickets are available at affordable prices so get your share now and have a great time at his live show. Ian Anderson is a Scottish singer and songwriter. He was born in 1947 and is the youngest of three siblings.  Anderson spent his early childhood in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was his father who encouraged the love of music into Ian Anderson. Under his father’s influence he got introduced to the rock and jazz genres. After he completed his schooling, he went to Blackpool College of Arts to study Fine Arts, but remained deeply involved in music throughout his time at college.

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About Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson is a multi talented artist. He has a command over various instruments and can play all of them with an equal level of expertise and ease. Along with possessing great singing capabilities, the musician can play the flute, guitar, bass guitar, balalaika, bouzouki, harmonica, mandolin, soprano, keyboards, saxophone and the whistle. He dabbles in different genres of music that include hard rock, progressive rock, blues rock and folk rock. Ian Anderson started his informal career in music when he formed a band called “The Blades” when he was in school. The band mostly played songs in the blues and soul genre. Anderson took on the lead vocals and harmonica in the band and did a wonderful job on both fronts.
Ian Anderson was a key member in the dynamic band “Jethro Tull”. The band was formed in 1967 and to this date the diverse and innovation music created by this band is remembered with fondness. Jethro Tull mixed various genres together in their music which included the blues, rock and folk music. The band released numerous albums during the period 1969 and 1977, all of which were very popular. “Bungle in the Jungle”, “Living in the Past” and “Aqualung” are some of the more famous songs released by the band.
Ian Anderson tool on lead vocals and played various instruments in Jethro Tull. He came up with the wonderful and daring idea to bring the flute as an instrument in rock music. No one could have imagined a folk instrument blending in so brilliantly with rock music. However, Ian Anderson proved all of his critics wrong and gave rock music a new turn. The artist has the talent that can make a combination of various instruments sound catchy and interesting. It is Ian Anderson’s creativity and innovation that has always kept him as a favorite for the music fans out there. His concerts are always charged with musical energy and the audience can always see his love for music as he sets the stage on fire. His on stage performances are full of surprises as he never fails to awe the audience with his inventive musical compositions. So all the music lovers who are looking to have an exciting time should get their cheap Ian Anderson tickets right away.
Ian Anderson has gone solo for quite a few years now. He still appears in concerts for Jethro Tull, but he loves to treat his fans with his solo performances frequently. He performs magnificently with different orchestras and other diverse acoustic instrumental shows. Ian Anderson is a laid back artist who does not seem to worry about his appearance or status. Music has always been his passion and that is what he indulges himself in. Over the course of his career he has released over six solo albums. All of his albums are very famous with his fans. So all Ian Anderson fans are encouraged not to miss this great opportunity and get their hands on Ian Anderson tickets as soon as possible. It is guaranteed that they will have the time of their lives.

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