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H Blockx is a rock band from Munster Germany which rose to fame way back in 1991 as their debut album Time to Move hit the music market in 1994. The Irish top security prison slang was the source of inspiration for this punk-tinged metal band. With singer Henning Wehland, guitarist Tim, drummer Mason and bassist Stefan Hinz in the lineup the band soared immense heights of fame. The German speaking European community truly loved the spark in the band members. In 1996, the follow-up album Discover My Soul further solidified their stay in the market for the following was reaching the pinnacle each day. The little changes in the lineup brought in a bit more professional touch to their beats and proved to be a healthy change for H Blockx.

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The debut album Time to Move hit the music market in 1994 under the banner of Sing Sing Records while Chris Wagner and Ralph Quick produced this hit album. The videos of two of the singles Move and Risin High gained immense airplay at MTV thus taking H Blockx to entirely new heights of fame. During this time the band earned the nomination for Best Breakthrough Artist at MTV Europe Music Awards. The singles Move, Little Girl and Risin High earned immense acclaim by staying at German Album Charts for 62 weeks. This helped in selling 750,000 copies around the globe thus grabbing the first ever gold album by the band. Later the band lead to the first major tour and introduced themselves with immense pride throughout the globe in 1999. With the release of the third album Fly Eyes in 1998, H Blockx officially debuted on the US charts the following year. In 1999 the band also recorded soundtracks for the German film Bang Boom Bang while at the same time replacing Wilking too.
H Blockx kept with the tradition of sweeping away the hearts of millions but no album could do better than the super hit album Time to Move. With the release of the new album Get in the Ring in 2002 under the collaboration of BMG and Supersonic Records. After the lapse of two years i.e in 2004, the next album No Excuses was released that reached top 16 of the German Album charts. With extensive following and publicity at the European tour, the album was much applauded. After the launch of the album, the members kept on spending their time in diverse fields of music. Some acted as singers and producers while one member acted in the management for artists of diverse genres. Grab the chance as H Blockx tickets are the latest attraction for millions. Get discounted H Blockx tickets now and relish the beats like you have never done before.
Later in 2005-06 the band thought of getting united again and releases some new creation of creativity. Thus in Sweden the new lyrics were crafted into the single thus being the first song for their next upcoming album. Andreas Herbig accompanied them during this time thus revoking the companionship that they once had in 1994 during the time when Time to Move was being recorded. Later on after the lapse of five years, H Blockx once again emerged with a big band and showcased their latest album HBLX in 2012. It was surely a surprise and that too a pretty pleasant one for the entire fans community of H Blockx.
With so much going on, the band did not lose its true essence and remained intact with its fans which are why a huge fan lobby is pouring in to witness their singers on stage. You too can be the part of their latest release fiesta as cheapest H Blockx tickets are out for sale. Get H Blockx tickets today and spend an evening worth remembering. Do not miss this glorious chance as the HBLX is expected to mark its name in the music market so hurry up as H Blockx tickets for sale are now selling fast and we know you are not interested in losing this chance. Grab your share now and relish the fun like you have never experienced before.

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