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Aerosmith have been shaking the world through their rock laden tunes for around four decades. However, off late they have jumped on the bandwagon of another earth-shaking phenomenon courtesy their Global Warming Tour.  As the name implies, the swindle of global warming has covered the entire planet in its web of lies and deceit to completely regulate every living thing on earth, especially the average human being. It boggles the mind of any logical, sensible and reasoning person that a substance such as carbon that is the building block of all life on earth would be leaving a so-called "carbon footprint" that would cause an adverse condition such as global warming. Moreover, it's absolutely ludicrous that the gas carbon dioxide, carbon's combination with oxygen which itself is essential for sustaining life, would somehow envelop the globe and cause global warming. Though straightforward science dictates that the concentration of CO2 is just not enough in the atmosphere to bring about the grisly greenhouse effect, the political spin doctors of doom have spun myth of global warming way out of proportion. Claim some Global Warming Tour tickets to witness Aerosmith, the purveyors of musical pandemonium in their essential element.

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Though Aerosmith was founded in 1970, the band's seeds were sown in the first half of the 1960s by lead vocalist Steven Tyler when he formed The Strangers and then transformed it into Chain Reaction, based in New Hampshire. Concurrently, Aerosmith's legendary lead guitarist Joe Perry also formed his Jam Band. It was at a mutual gig in 1970 that the constituents of Chain Reaction and Jam Band fused together to form Aerosmith, with the essential elements sill melded together as will be borne out in the band's Global Warming Tour. Two years into their formation, Aerosmith played gigs in the local clubs of Massachusetts and the Big Apple and their bluesy-rock sound hit a chord with their nascent fan following. A promotion deal courtesy Frank Connelly and a management deal later lead Aerosmith being signed on the cabalistic Columbia Records in 1972. You better "Walk This Way" to one of their gigs on their Global Warming Tour this year.
Aerosmith have charted 15 studio albums in their four decade long career and have seen 13 of them make into the top-fort on Billboard 200, entailing 7 top-ten records and a pair of chart-toppers. Their singles repertory entails 21 top-40 hits on Billboard's Hot 100, with 8 having broken into the top-ten slot that includes their sole number one single "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" from the soundtrack of the 1998 doomsday flick Armageddon. Interestingly, the movie had Steven Tyler's own daughter Liv Tyler in the lead role and clips of her character cozying up with that of Ben Affleck inserted in the official video of the song heightened the popularity of the song. Aerosmith burst upon the scene with their self-titled debut album, notching a peak ranking of 21 on Billboard 200, with the single "Dream On" hitting a high of 59 on Billboard's Hot 100. You don't have to "dream" of watching these rock banshees live and can catch them singing their staple concert song by locking down some cheap Global Warming Tour tickets now.
After releasing Get Your Wings in 1974, Aerosmith unleashed a top-twenty quartet during the rest of the seventies that included 1976's Rocks that pulverized the charts and rolled to the 3rd spot on Billboard 200. Though the first half of the 1980s saw Aerosmith's popularity wane to their drug dependencies and subsequent rehabilitation, 1987's Permanent Vacation and Pump revived their rock reign by peaking at the 11th and 5th spots respectively. 1993's Get a Grip and 1997's Nine Lives brought down the hammer on their chart domination by becoming back-to-back chart-toppers. 2001's Just Push Play and 2004's Honkin' on Bobo maintained their presence in the top-ten of Billboard 200, pushing their album sales beyond 150 million, whereby making them the best-selling American rock band ever. So if you are still wondering whether to buy Global Warming Tour tickets or not, get a sanity check and join in the hypnotic hijinks.
With Aerosmith's latest record release Music from Another Dimension! on the horizon, their Global Warming Tour has already kicked in high gear and is crashing akin to a tsunami upon the destination cities. So snag some Global Warming Tour tickets now to be sizzled by their fiery vibes. They will surely erase all those carbon footprints of yours like castle in the air.

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