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In the commercially successful world of mainstream rock music, dominated by the likes of U2 and Coldplay, Dispatch has been labeled as the “biggest band nobody’s ever heard of”. The members Brad, Pete and Chad are all musically extraordinaire, with all three contributing to the vocals, as well as playing the bass and guitar. 

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Formed in the mid nineties, the group is essentially an indie rock/folk music act, with a sound similar to that of the Dave Mathews Band. Hailing from the Boston area, Dispatch went through several name changes, strangely themed around nature. Hermit Thrush and Woodriver Bandits initially gave way to One Fell Swoop and then finally to its current one.
Dispatch’s popularity rose in the late nineties when they were most active. Their fame came about not of their own accord or through a record label but through the newly cobbled file-swapping internet based services such as Napster and Limewire. The band’s fans actively swapped music from their four studio albums
2004 saw what was supposedly going to be the Dispatch’s final concert. Nonetheless, they gave a befitting performance for the fans, some 100,000 strong, at the Hatch Shell in Boston.
Dispatch reunited in 2007, playing concerts to raise funds for charities in Zimbabwe at its prime minister’s request. Playing another concert in 2009, the band ended its hiatus in 2011 and commenced a national tour in June the same year. So if you are an old fan or one in the making, get your Dispatch University Park Tickets and find out what Dispatch has in store for you.
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