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Germans are known for their industrial prowess, what with the famous Saturn V rocket design based on the V2 rocket that was developed during the Nazi regime of Hitler, as well as the world famous automotive brands of BMW and Mercedes whose branding conveys a sense of exclusivity and superiority over the masses of the working class.  Such a history of mechanical mayhem and excellence has seeped into the incisive vibes that emerge from the acts that have sprung forth in the German musical milieu in the past couple of decades. One of them was Böhse Onkelz, whose records dominated the German rock charts throughout the 1990s and the first half of the 2000s. They have sold more than five million copies, despite the band being considered renegades of the mainstream music scene by the media. The main driving force behind the band's phenomenal success was founder and songwriter extraordinaire Stephan Weidner, who after Böhse Onkelz's split has been rocking solo as Der W and has already carved his own niche through his smash hit debut album and the respective numbers. Clinch some Der W tickets to inject some essential rock-laden fuel into your auditory system.

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Stephan Weidner may have been living the high life for the past three odd decades but had acutely austere beginnings. Not only were the financial woes of his family a perpetual problem, but Weidner's erratic behavior at school resulted in him being banned from the institution altogether. It was only after his family moved from Alsfeld to Hösbach that he came across his future band mates, namely vocalist Kevin Russell and drummer Peter "Pe" Schorowsky, and founded Böhse Onkelz at the age of 17. This move proved to be Der W's first saving grace as he was able to get out of the brothel ridden lifestyle that his father had imposed upon him by running a prostitution den.
Der W and his band Böhse Onkelz burst upon the German music scene in 1980 modeled their punk persona on bands such as Slime and Abwärts and incorporated influences from the so-called Skinhead and Hooligan movements that had emerged in Germany during the 1980s. Many realized that instead of promoting awareness amongst the masses regarding issues that mainstream media shies away from, the band's lyrics, that primarily flowed out from Weidner's pen were advocating violence against immigrants and non-native Germans. The targets of these xenophobic lyrics were especially the Turkish settlers who had already been zeroed in upon by the Skinhead recruits. Consequently, Böhse Onkelz, which itself means "bad uncles", garnered immense popularity amongst the followers of the Skinhead movement.
Der W and his band mates' debut album Der Nette Mann, released by Rock-O-Rama was a huge hit with their anarchist fan following that literally ate up their aggressive and violence infused lyrics. The band members along with Der W also starred in a film Zagarbata that was themed around the Skinhead culture at that time. Where the band's third album release Onkelz wie wir... put them at the 31st position in the German album charts in 1987, it was their 1990s' repertoire that helped them break into the top-ten slot, such as 1992's Heilige Lieder and 1995's Hier sind die Onkelz. This was also the time when the band had considerably distanced themselves from their previous hate-filled lyrics. Their last four albums not only topped the German album charts but also became hugely popular in neighboring Austria as well, all posting in the top-ten slot. Their trifecta of singles, namely "Terpentin," "Dunkler Ort," "Keine Amnestie für MTV" and "Onkelz vs. Jesus" were also top-ten singles in both countries.
After Böhse Onkelz's breakup in 2005, Der W started to build himself as a solo artist and soon reaped the rewards when his own debut album Schneller, höher, Weidner, meaning "Faster, Higher, Weidner", was released to wide acclaim and peaked at the second spot on the German album charts and its respective track "Geschichtenhasser" maxed out at the fifth spot. Der W has also built up an impressive performance reputation throughout the decades whilst with Böhse Onkelz, what with supporting the Rolling Stones during their Hanover gig in 2003 and then rocking around 120,000 fans via their farewell concert in 2005. So secure some Der W tickets now to witness a one-man mean machine blast away a mountain of musical mayhem.  

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