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One of the greatest guitarists of all time and a phenomenal crooner, David Gilmour has got the best news for his fans. With his new album “Rattle That Lock” releasing worldwide on September 18, the legendary musician has announced a tour that will bring him to major US cities. Rattle That Lock Tour will start its run on September 5 from Brighton, England and after wrapping up the European leg in October, will rattle the US venues. The North American leg will start in March 2016 and the opening concert will be held in Los Angeles. Even though the event is quite far, David Gilmour tickets sold out soon after being made available and on popular demand extra dates have been added to the original schedule. Now the artist will be performing on two dates each in LA, New York, Chicago and Toronto.

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David Gilmour

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Roger Waters Bell MTS Place Winnipeg Sunday
10/22/2017 8:00 PM

About David Gilmour

David Gilmour – Progressive Rock Icon

The English rock musician David Gilmour is today recognized around the world for his extraordinary guitar strumming and incredible vocals. Former member of Pink Floyd, Gilmour played an important role in the band’s success and till his association with it served as the lead singer and guitarist. Besides writing and composing his own songs, the music maestro has also produced work for other artists. Today he enjoys a solo career and has released three albums so far. His fourth record is scheduled to release in September, following which the star will hit the road on a world tour.

David Gilmour has found immense fame as a guitarist and his style has influenced many. Rolling Stone placed him at 14th position on its list of leading guitarists of all time. His compositions and memorable guitar playing has taken millions by storm, and his tone and concepts strike the listeners from the beginning.

Musician At Its Best

Since his entry into the music scene in the 60s and from the time he started belting out incredible compositions, David Gilmour has people wondering about his expressive phrasing and refined pentatonic tricks. Most of his solo work includes perfectly-intonated, smooth bends. At the heart of Gilmour’s incredible playing is some defined string bending, soulful blues vocabulary and awareness of rests and space. His excellent intonation and lyrical vibrato has taken the blues rock and progressive fans by storm. His famous tracks like Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Another Brick In The Wall feature his two-tone, two-step bend that many musicians still wish to impersonate.  

Through his astounding solo albums, David Gilmour encouraged many diehard Pink Floyd fans to take off their Pink Floyd hat and put on Gilmour hat. His compositions fit in “music played to one’s own self” category. Most of his solo work is thematic and features upbeat music.

“Rattle That Lock”

Briefly reuniting with his former band, David Gilmour has said goodbye forever and promised the fans a brand new album that’s ready for release. He released the title song in July and it boasted of an uptempo, bass groove and rousing choir. The lyrics are inspired by John Milton's epic poem “Paradise Lost”. The four-note jingle features Gilmour’s solo guitar riffs and has the listeners swaying to his beats. There is a lot of expectation from the 10-track LP and fans can’t wait for the complete album to roll out. Music buffs are waiting for the tour to start as well and are hoping for a magical music evening with the legendary artist. Don’t miss his concert when he comes to your town.


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