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Only a couple of years have passed since Ben Howard made his appearance on the screen and with the release of a single studio album, he has made it to 165,000 sales already. Winning a Gold certification for the first launch, the artist is all set to entertain people by singing the most popular melodies live. Ben Howard tickets for his forthcoming concert are up for grabs.

About Ben Howard Tickets

Ben Howard was exposed to music of sixties and seventies by his parents in the tender age of eight. Listening to different melodies of the same era during the time he was growing up had a profound influence on his musical taste. He mostly listened to the best of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell among the other artists which is the major reason for his beats sounding familiar to some extent. Listening to music wasn’t his only hobby. He also wrote songs by taking inspiration from the daily happenings in his life.  In one of his interviews with the American Songwriter, he mentioned that ‘I started to play guitar only because I loved to put words together using my imagination and made stuff up. I believe you generally start getting a take on things when you are in your late teenage and that is the time when actually everything changes’. This statement is like a brief summary of the artist’s struggle to make his identity in the music industry. After college Ben Howard decided to focus on music as a full time career and started composing rootsy folk music with darker lyrics. His college fellows were the first promoters of the artists and soon his fame crossed the boundaries and reached to other areas of UK. At this point he didn’t have a formal album with listed tracks but still he was making live performances across Europe and UK. After the amazing audience response, he signed a deal with Island Records and this is the time when his first studio album ‘Every Kingdom’ got into the making. Songs like The Wolves, Old Pine and Promise among many others rocketed up the charts quickly after the release and made Howard known for quality music in the industry.
The fame for his first album release did not make him stick to the same musical style but instead encouraged him to experiment with new melodies so that his music maintained the identity of being different. Howard’s live performances are known in the industry to be one of the most entertaining ones. He engages the audiences to sing along with him that makes them enjoy the concerts to the fullest.
Ben Howard makes sure that he puts emotion into his songs so that the lyrics reach the audiences with the right feel. It is only in this case that they can truly understand the meaning of music. The artist’s influences are one of the major contributors in making him sound perfect. The musicians of sixties and seventies were experienced enough and getting a chance to learn from them is the best thing any artist could get. Listening to the traditional beats of folk music not only improved his command on the genre but also helped him draw a fine line between the contemporary tunes and traditional ones. Getting cheap Ben Howard tickets to listen to the melodies that are influenced by the legends of sixties and seventies is surely no less than a treat. The artist has just announced his tour with the dates and the cities. Check them out and plan your weekend accordingly. Avail the offer and get your Ben Howard tickets before they are all sold out!