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The internationally acclaimed electronic musician Amon Tobin has managed to enthrall and fascinate millions of fans. Hailing from Brazil, Amon's music has influenced masses and his work has won the hearts of many. The highly talented musician attracts thousands and thousands of individuals at his live shows every year. His unique methodology and approach to electronic music has separated Amon from his contemporaries, making him one of the most sought after sound designers and music composers. Amon has successfully released three compilation albums, one live and eight studio albums including "Adventures in Foam" (1996), "Bricolage" (1997), "Permutation" (1998), "Supermodified" (2000), "Out From Out Where" (2002), "Foley Room" (2007) and "ISAM" (2011). Amon's music has been featured in several feature films such as the "Divine Intervention" and "Taxidermia". His music also managed to cause quite a stir when it was featured in Hollywood films such as "21" and "The Italian Job". Other than movies, Amon has produced soundtracks for several games including the "Infamous" and the highly acclaimed "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" series. The cherished musician is expected to woo the fans once again live this season. Amon Tobin tickets can be acquired to witness the electro-music guru live on stage.

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About Amon Tobin

After moving from his birthplace Brazil to England, Amon started producing music at home. He used audio equipments and samplers to create an electronic sound. During his photography classes at his university, Amon stumbled upon an opportunity, which he casually availed. While responding to a promotion, he ended up sending his music demos and samples to a recording label 'Ninebar Records'. The label was impressed by Amon's work and signed him in 1996. Amon started working on his first official release at the Ninebar Studios in Brighton. He released his first official recordings under the alias "Cujo". The recordings garnered rave reviews and were dubbed as 'head turning' by Allmusic. He released his first full-length studio album "Adventures in Foam" in 1996. It saw a limited release but was later reissued several times. The album managed to capture the attention of another major recording label, 'Ninja Tune Records'. Ninja Tune, which was rapidly growing due to the success of their artists such as 'Coldcut', 'Funki Porcini', and 'DJ Food', signed Amon Tobin during the same year. Since then, Amon has released some of his most famous works under the Ninja Tune Label.
After the release of his second studio album "Bricolage", Amon started touring and performing live along with other Ninja Tune musicians. He used turntables to produce live music as most of his beats and tunes were created through electronics in studios. Amon also constructed a 7.1 surround sound system to complement his live shows. In 2000, he released his most commercially successful album "Supermodified". The album garnered positive ratings and reviews from around the world. Some of his other hit singles and EPs include Verbal, 4 Ton Mantis, The Lighthouse, Surge, East To West, Bloodstone and Angel Of Theft. Amon has also released six music videos for his songs including Esther's, El Cargo, Proper Hoodidge, Verbal, Slowly and 4 Ton Mantis. His most recent studio album "ISAM", released in 2011, made ripples around the globe. The highly sophisticated electronic beats and Amon's new approach towards music production generated appraises from critics and fans alike. During the same year, Amon designed a live touring show to promote "ISAM". He integrated the audio and visual experience by projecting his performance onto a 'large cubic structure' by the help of new video mapping system. The show was hailed by international critics for "revolutionizing the live music experience". This season, Amon will be performing several live shows throughout the nation, thus cheap Amon Tobin tickets are all the rage amongst the fans.
Amon has become an international electronic music icon. His music sways the audiences and fans into a mesmerizing journey. His unique approach and methodology towards creating music has distinguished Amon from the rest. His live shows are a blend of innovative visual representations and his trademark music beats that create a completely new dimension of experiencing live music. Electronic music fans all around the globe come together to witness Amon live. Amon Tobin event will allow the audiences and music lovers to indulge in a spellbinding musical journey for an unforgettable experience.

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