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Midori Goto has been a promising Japanese American violinist, who is mostly referred to as only Midori. She was born in Osaka, Japan on 25th of October 1971. Midori’s mother was a violinist herself and so when she discovered this musical talent in her daughter, she decided to give Midori violin lessons. At that time she was only three years old. Her first public performance was when she was at the age of six and played a piece from the twenty-four Caprices of Paganini in her hometown in Japan. But she did not make her actual debut until the age of eleven years. She did it in the New York Philharmonic concert under the music conductor Zubin Mehta. The main objective of this concert was to bring light on the young and upcoming performers. The type of violin which Midori plays on is a 1734 Guamerius del Gesu which means, ex- Huberman. This violin has been given to her by the Hayashibara Foundation on a lifetime loan. The bows of the violin are made by Francois Pecatte (one) and by Dominique Pecatte (two). It has been a gift given by them over her beautiful performances throughout her career.

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Midori had just started her successful career as a violinist; at the age of 14 she made such a breath-taking performance at Tanglewood that brought the conductor, Leonard Bernstein to his knees in admiration. She was then made the headlines in New York Times stating: Girl, 14, Conquers Tanglewood with 3 violins. At the age of twenty one, Midori made a group with the name Midori and friends. Its purpose was to make the children of New York learn to enjoy music and play it. Midori had shown so much talent at such a younger age, so why not attend her concerts now to see her play live. Get a hold of your Midori tickets and believe all that which you have read about her.
Midori received the 25th Suntory Music Award in 1993 and was also awarded the celebrated Avery Fisher Prize in 2001. And the prize money which she received, Midori started a program called Partners in Performance from it. Later on, she launched two more community based programs which were named as the Orchestra Residences Program and University Residencies Program. Another one of the most beautiful moments of Midori’s career was in September of 2007, when she received a standing ovation at The Majestic Theatre, San Antonio at the San Antonio Symphony. Also in the same year, Midori was chosen as a Messenger of Peace. She is now an internationally celebrated performer.
Music was more of a passion for Midori instead of just lessons to be taught. She graduated from the New York University in 2001 with a psychology degree and later on earned a Master’s degree in the discipline of psychology from the New York University. After the fame she had earned, Midori was appointed at the University of Southern California, Thorton School of Music where she chairs the Strings Department. Before signing to the University of Southern California, Midori was a faculty member at the Manhattan School of Music. She is also a board associate of the American String Teachers Association.
When Midori is not on a tour for one of her concerts, she has a permanent residence at Los Angeles, United States. So folks, this is your chance to listen to her music in a live concert and it is better to buy your Midori tickets now. Being a violinist has given her to enjoy her life peacefully, because she attends theatre with friends and associates and enjoys reading and writing. Inspired by her success and love for music, her brother Ryu had also become a violinist just like his sister, and trying to follow her footsteps towards a promising future.
Midori’s fame and her love for music must be an inspiration for all, so why not have your kids enjoy the same music and bring out there musical talents for the world to see. Don’t miss a chance to buy your Midori tickets and listen to her when she weaves the sound of her magical music around you. Whether you prefer orchestra music or theatre or just want to enjoy simple classical music, it is a chance for all the music lovers to come together and listen to Midori’s enchanting tunes. Listen to this captivating form of classical music with yours friends, family and loved ones, you will be left wanting more of it.