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Yuri or la Madonna Mexicana is one of the best known and celebrated stars of Latin mainstream. She is tagged as the Madonna of Mexican music for her diva like status. The singer has sung to modern music such as Latin and Mexican pop. Alongside she had kept her connection with the traditional genres of Mariachi and Salsa. Her return to mainstream Mexican music is a great attraction for her fans. Yuri tickets allow a night out with amigos to love and listen to her live music once again.

About Yuri

Yuri’s love for music and performing arts can be traced back to her early childhood years. At the age of nine, while she was learning Ballet she earned a scholarship to the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet in Russia. Restrained by her family, the performer inside her began to surface. Joining Yuri y La Manzana Eléctrica as her first band she ventured into live music play. From local fiestas and music festivals she got a chance to play along with some famous Latin singers. On one such occasion Julio Jaramillo of Gamma studios discovered and scouted her. Eventually relocating to Mexico City Yuri began music as a full time career. This young singer had immense talent and a very charismatic personality. Additionally, she has a great passion to perform, sing and win public’s heart. She used it to her best interest to became a star like no other.
Tú Iluminas Mi Vida was Yuri’s first studio effort, which featured a super hit cover You Light Up My Life. It was not until 1979’s Festival OTI, where the singer represented Mexico and won the Award for the Best New Female Artist. Consequently, Gamma studio engaged her once again for her sophomore self titled album. Featuring the track hit tracks Primer Amor, Regresarás, Esperanzas and Goma de Mascar; this album took her first international concert tour. From here onwards, Yuri and her music became an integral part of the world of Latin music. Her song became the most popular hits in the Latin American countries. Her follow-up release Llena de Dulzura also spawned numerous hits with prominent inspirational tracks like Maldita Primavera and El Pequeño Panda De Chapultepec. As the winner of the Antorcha de plata award Yuri was hailed as the best new performing artist.
Karma Kamaleón (1985) was the major breakthrough Yuri wanted, it got her a deal with EMI. Yo Te Pido Amor came out of this contract and made her a sensational super hit star. She was winning hearts of millions and sweeping awards for her efforts. Her most successful commercial and critically acclaimed record Aire came out after a short break. With her biggest hit track to date Uptempo Que Te Pasa? She dominated charts, airplay, television and even films. Her shift to Sony Music was sudden but very important for her career. It helped her thrive as an artist and resultantly led her to Isla Del Sol; her most versatile and enjoyable collection of inspirations. This piece of work influenced by rap, dance, soul and pop won her a Grammy.
By the late eighties, Yuri saw her career and her musical outreach declining. She remained at the top of the chart with commercial success, but only within Mexico. Resultantly, she decided to revamp her music and created best sellers Soy Libre, Nueva Era (1993) and Espejos del Alma (1995). A life threatening vocal disease slowed down her progression, at the same time, iyt paved way for Yuri’s rebirth. She changed her stance from secular pop ans started singing mostly spiritual and Christian songs. Mi Testimonio, Huellas and Yuri: Que Tu Fe Nunca Muera are examples of this side.
With the new millennium Yuri resurfaced with a facelift. Her record Mis Treinta Mejores Canciones was a compilation of her greatest hits. In 2006 she made a comeback in collaboration with singer Mijares releasing Acompáñame.The album allowed Yuri to gain confidence and release her first ever live album Yuri: Vive La Historia (2008). In 2010 the artist released Inusual with five brilliant covers and eight new tracks. With hits like Con las manos atadas on the record, the singer was able to win a gold status for her album in Mexico.
Yuri rejoices as a star born again, looking good and feeling better. She has successfully engaged her long lost following once again. For all those Mexican music lovers out there, cheap Yuri tickets provide a chance to watch your favorite pop star perform in front of you. Book your deals as soon as possible.