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Joan Sebastian whose birth name is Jose Manuel Figueroa was born on 8th of April, 1951 at Juliantla, Guerrero, Mexico. Sebastian is a well known Mexican songwriter and also a singer. He is counted among the legendary singers of this century and Mexican history of music would have been totally different if it wasn’t for Joan. Get a chance to listen to this famous musician, buy you’re cheap Joan Sebastian tickets and get yourself entertained by this Mexican singer. Sebastian has written almost a hundred songs and has been able to keep his songs in the top forty charts in Mexico since 1977; it was when his career began as a singer. He started his long successful career at the age of eleven years old when he returned to his home town Juliantla from a school in Guanajuato. Upon return, it was what inspired him to start composing. But no sooner than he had started that he was yet again sent away this time to a monastery in Morelos. There he was so much influenced by Father Salgado that he decided to be a priest. At the age of seventeen years old, Joan finally realized that what he truly wanted was to enter the business of music and he dedicated his life to this decision of his.

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About Joan Sebastian

While composing his own songs, Sebastian worked at a vacationing resort at the post of administrative assistant. It was not until 1986 that luck finally came knocking on his doorstep in the shape of a famous Mexican actress Angelica Maria; who was so taken by his songs that she gave the telephone number of a music producer named Eduardo Magallanes. When Sebastian shifted to Mexico City that was when the real test of the starting of his career began. He went around to music companies until one from Discos Capitals decided to listen to Joan’s music and give him a shot in the music industry. He recorded his first ever disc which received such an amazing response that the song named Descartada sold about twelve thousand of its copies in Cuidad Obregon, Sonora. He released his production which is called Secreto de Amor, which sold more than one million copies.

The genre of Joan Sebastian’s music is somewhat a combination of ranchera, Latin pop and Ggrupera music. This is not all, he has also tried his hand at acting. Even if his acting career was short lived, he was good enough to land himself as the role of a main character in one of Mexican soap operas. He made his first ever acting performance in 1996 along with his former wife, Maribel Guardia. The soap opera was an instant success on television. Joan Sebastian was given the celebrated award called Premio Lo Nuestro a la Música Latina in 2001 February. The award was given to him to him as acknowledgment of his career. Sometime in 2003, he was given the award of the songwriter of the universe award at the eleventh Annual El Premio ASCAP, for the second time. In 2000, Sebastian was given the name of el jefe along with The Silver Pen Award.
Joan Sebastian has been one of the Mexican legends in the industry of music and name like his will never be forgotten in history. He is like Mozart or Bach of his own time with his music to be remembered. And the biggest chance that you have here is seeing this artist live in a concert playing the songs which you have been listening on CD or radio. So why not buy the Joan Sebastian tickets and have a good time listening to his songs with you family and loved ones with you. Believe me; you do not want to miss this night for anything because you never know when you will be getting a chance to listen to this amazing artist. Such artists only come once in our lifetime and they are worth listening to and making it a memorable time for you to be shared with your friends. If there is doubt in your mind about the sort of music he would be giving you, then take a good look at the number of times he has received praises over his work and the list of prestigious awards which he has received over his musical career.

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