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Gerardo Ortiz is ranked among the most popular musicians to come from Mexico and his growing popularity throughout North America is a sign that if you create good music, you will be loved by the people. Considering his grasp for the art of Mexican music, he is destined to become one of the most legendary Mexican musicians of all time if he continues to release music that is as good as his previous offerings. He is also known as someone who thrives at live performances and people who have already been to his previous events would agree that there is nothing like listening to this amazing artist singing live on stage in front of thousands of his adoring fans.

About Gerardo Ortiz

Considering his remarkable rise to fame, people from all over the world are now flying in to catch one of his live performances and it is something which you can do too. All you have to do is to book your Gerardo Ortiz tickets at the very first chance that you get because they have a tendency of selling out rather quickly.
Gerardo Ortiz was born on the 5th of October in the year 1989. He was born in the city of Pasadena in the state of California but he hails from the city of Culiacan in the state of Sinaloa in Mexico where he spent eight years of his life. His love and passion for music came from a very young age. He was incredibly fond of the guitar as well as singing before the age of eight, a passion which continued on to later years as well. When he was eight years old, he came out with his first ever album which was titled Meeting of Love. His second album came out only two years after his first one, and the third followed a little while after. When he was twelve years old, his experience in the music industry had grown and he was now on the brink of becoming a true professional musician who specialized in the different forms of Mexican music.
Despite his tender age, he was making waves all over Mexico with his remarkable talents. He returned to the United States when he was thirteen years old and by the time he was twenty, he had established himself as one of the most popular and upcoming Mexican artist throughout the United States and Mexico. Gerard Ortiz’ rise in the United States came with the release of his album titled Encuentro de Amor which went on to become quite a success in the country and was also on the receiving end of some highly positive reviews from some of the most renowned critics in America. Today, he is an artist who has made his name through his wonderful music. Not only does he produce records that sell well on the market, he has a knack for performing live in front of his fans. His ability to mesmerize crowds with his remarkable voice and guitar playing skills is unparalleled which is why his live performances are so amazing.
Gerardo Ortiz is now one of the most revered artists to be associated with the Narcocorrdio form of music which is very popular in the country of Mexico and also in some parts of the United States. He is counted among some of the leading figures in this regional Mexican musical genre and considering his ever-growing fame and popularity, he is destined to become one of the most iconic artists to be associated with this genre to date. This is your chance to see him perform live. Buy your Gerardo Ortiz tickets today before the stock runs out. 

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