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2013 is going to kick off with homage to jazz music by two of its biggest proponents, Ezperanza Spalding and the Wayne Shorter Quartet. The Grammy winning artists will be joining forces as they travel around the United States. The two artists have performed in some of the world’s biggest venues. Last year, Spalding had the honor of singing at the Academy Awards. The Wayne Shorter Quartet too has been playing for renowned artists, which has made them proficient concert musicians. So if you are a fan of jazz music, treat yourself to Wayne Shorter Quartet & Esperanza Spalding tickets. The Wayne Shorter Quarter is the more experienced of the two acts, having been performing for over 12 years now. They are known for being innovative as a band, making the music feel intuitive rather than rehearsed. Their ability to sell out shows almost instantly has also made them a popular act with theatres and concert managements. Their experience has taught them to know exactly how to create an impact and how to play with the audience’s changing reactions.

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About Wayne Shorter Quartet Esperanza Spalding

The four people that make up the legendary group are Danilo Perez, the pianist, Brian Blade, the drummer, John Patitucci, the bassist, and Mr. Shorter, who plays saxophones in both soprano and tenor. Together, they have not only perfected their ability to play written material, but have also made improvisation an enjoyable experience for the audiences. Their spontaneity has become their signature and is what that sets them apart; no other quartet of their kind has displayed the competence of playing tunes outside of the book. Another thing they have been appreciated for is that their set is nicely paced and varies methodically. This comes from their uncanny ability to judge the audience they are playing for, adapting to their responses. They change theme nearly every five minutes with one of the four members, usually Danilo Perez breaking into a new thread for all to follow. This is done with perfect finesse; their transitions are clean and poised.

They are engaging performers, and not just through their music. Brian Blade has often been singled out as the one to lose himself completely in the music. His movements are suggestive, skimming the line of mischief, and he keeps the listeners well entertained. Shorter is considered as the nucleus of the group, connecting them all together without blatantly leading them. He provides the serenity in the turbulence, harmonizing with the rest of the group exceptionally. Patitucci is responsible for creating the almost trance like base lines that provide depth to the group altogether. Music critics have written of them in good name, and these good reviews are the reason why Wayne Shorter Quartet & Esperanza Spalding tickets have been selling at such a rapid rate.

The quartet will be joined by a relatively new artist who has revived the love of jazz music in the younger audiences—Esperanza Spalding. She first came to mainstream prominence when she won a Grammy Award in the category of “Best New Artist” in 2011. Her win made headlines for she beat out the pop star Justin Bieber, who was nominated for the same award, and became the first jazz musician ever to receive that honor. Also in her category were the rapper Drake, the folk bands “Florence and the Machine” and “Mumford and Sons”. She became targeted by fans of the other nominated artists for not being as deserving of the award because she was not as popular. But the win gave her the push she needed to introduce herself into the mainstream world. Following that, her album entered the Billboard 200 and she gained a good amount of new listeners who would have otherwise not known about the artist.

She has spoken openly of her beliefs regarding jazz music, stating that in her opinion, it has strayed from its roots. She feels like jazz has now only been left to the “art community”, when originally, it was meant to be a popular style, famous for dance and parties. She also believes jazz has lost its street value. It used to be the music of the black community; hip hop and rap has taken its place instead and has become the popular form of music. One thing she emphasizes time and again is her focus on music rather than sexualizing herself to be famous. This is what will make the upcoming show purely about the music. Cheap Wayne Shorter Quartet & Esperanza Spalding tickets are recommended to anyone who wishes for a night of good music.

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