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Jonny Lang is the Grammy Award winner who can not only sing to the tunes of the blues, rock and gospel genres but is also a songwriter in addition to being famous for his solo guitar performances. Capable of summoning feverish passion on stage, he is all set to make a stop in your town. So giddy-up with the Jonny Lang Marysville tickets before these are all sold out.

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He became interested in music when he was only twelve and his dad took him to see a performance by the Bad Medicine Blues Band, a blues group in his hometown; Fargo, North Dakota, US. He joined this very band several months later, after which it was renamed to Kid Jonny Lang & The Big Bang. A kid no more, he has grown into a seasoned musician who knows how to win over crowds with his deep melodies. Experience his on-stage spontaneity at the Jonny Lang Marysville concert where he will more than just duplicate his hit songs for you. He has been touring for more than ten years now and has performed alongside big-timers like Aerosmith, Sting and The Rolling Stones, among others. Lang also played in the ‘White House’ upon invitation, where President Clinton and wife enjoyed his performance. Grab cheap Jonny Lang Marysville tickets and avail the opportunity to have a listen to this incredibly talented artist.
More than just a concert, it will be pure pleasure for you to catch him live with your Jonny Lang Marysville tickets.