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Jonny Lang is a blues singer and songwriter from Fargo, North Dakota. His sound quality has been noticed and praised by many, and has earned him a Grammy Award along with many nominations. His singing style is completely individualistic and bridges the gap between rock and gospel music. Along with being a talented singer, Lang is also a talented guitar player. He is known for his guitar solos that have an extensive vibrato that can be instantly associated with his sound. Get a chance to listen to this astounding musician by getting Jonny Lang Council Bluffs tickets.

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Lang is originally from Fargo, North Dakota. When he was 14 years old he joined a band called “Kid Jonny Lang and the Big Bang” and to work on an album, started living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with them. They released the record “Smokin’” together. As a soloist, Lang received much success. His debut album “Lie to Me” went multi-platinum and his follow up album, “Wander this World” received Grammy Award nominations. With his third album, “Long Time Coming”, Lang entered a more soulful sound that expanded his horizon, and by his fourth album, “Turn Around”, he won his first ever Grammy Award. The Jonny Lang Council Bluffs concert will be an amalgamation of all the sounds he has experimented with over the years.
His singing and playing style has often been compared to that of Jimmi Hendrix, who was a similar musician to him. Don’t miss the chance to see this true musician as he plays at the Jonny Lang Council Bluffs show.

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