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Jonny Lang is a singer and songwriter from Fargo, North Dakota. He plays mainly in the rock, blues and gospel genre. He is a Grammy Award winner with a voice so unique that it has often been likened to that of a blues veteran over the age of forty. He is also a competent guitar player and has been commended for the many guitar solos he plays during his songs. His signature guitar moves are the patterns of vibrato that are instantly recognizable. Rock out with this young and talented musician by getting Jonny Lang Columbus tickets.

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Jonny Lang has been playing guitar ever since he was 12 years old. His first ever inspiration came from “Bad Medicine Blues Band”, which was amongst the few bands that played the blues in his hometown in Fargo. Lang ended up taking guitar lessons from the band’s lead guitarist whose name was Ted Larsen. Later on, he became part of the band itself, and the group changed their name to “Kid Jonny Lang and the Big Bang”. The Jonny Lang Columbus show will be a culmination of his ability to move people with his music, like he did with the band.
In his touring career, Lang has played with many renowned bands and performers—Aerosmith, Jeff Beck, the Rolling Stones, BB King, Buddy Guy, Blues Traveler and Sting. So go to the Jonny Lang Columbus show and get a chance to listen to the musician who has a fan following that spreads to people of all walks of life.