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Alice Cooper is a rock musician, songwriter and singer who has ruled the music industry for around four decades. His concerts are full of frenzy and consist of features like electric chairs, boa constrictors, fake blood and baby dolls. His performances are inspired from vaudeville and horror movies and his music varies from garage rock to heavy metal. Alice Cooper tickets will promise an evening full of passion and the beats will force you to sway with the rhythms produced by this exceptional artist and his band.

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After graduating from school Cooper decided to pursue his career in music and declined offers coming from different universities of the world. In the year 1964 he decided to take part in the letterman’s show and to fulfill his dream he started collected more people who would participate with him in the show. He formed a group and named it The Earwigs and performed a song by Beatles by miming it. Fortunately they won the competition which gave a boast to their confidence and it was then that they decided to learn how to play musical instruments and improve their music. The original line up of the band consists of John Tatum for the guitar, John Speer on drums, Glen Buxton was on lead guitar and Dennis Dunaway was on bass guitar. Their music seems to be inspired from groups like The Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, The Doors and The Yardbirds. After gaining some local recognition they continued performing in area around Phoenix. In the year 1965 they were able to record their first album entitled Why Don't You Love Me and Alice Cooper learned how to play the harmonica, especially for this song.
They signed a contract with the Straight Record and under this label the band released its first album named Pretties for You in the year 1969. Though it did gain entry in the US charts but failed to have an impact on the audience. It did not enjoy the kind of success they had hoped for. In spite of the album’s failure to leave a mark, still they were notices as a band that had a psychedelic feel to their music. They got an oppurtunity to perform in various festivals arranged in different parts of America including Cincinnati Pop Festival and Strawberry Fields Festival. The Cheap Alice Cooper tickets will enable you to enjoy the performance given by a band that believe in keeping the audience shocked till the end of the show.
The music that Alice Cooper and his band produced moved away from the conventional music that was being played in those times. They were of the view that their work is showing another side of life whereas the contemporary music only talked about love and peace. In the year 1970 they joined hands with the producer Bob Ezrin and in collaboration with him they recorded their third album called Love It to Death. This album proved to be a milestone and earned them the kind of recognition they have been yearning for, for long. In the very same year they released a song I’m Eighteen that won twenty first position on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1971 they were extended a contract by Warner Bros. Records which they gladly accepted. Cheap Alice Cooper tickets will prove to be a deal worth your time and money and will also give you an opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones.
Alice Cooper and his band have won many honorable awards and nominations that also include winning a Grammy in the year 2011. They won this prestigious award for being inducted in the Rock and Roll hall of Fame. To avail the Alice Cooper tickets should be the first thing on your list as people wait the whole year to be at one of their shows owing to their phenomenal stage appearance.

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