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Rock music has the capacity to set your soul on fire and indulge you in an experience that is specifically associated with this form of music. This experience is further enhanced when the music comes from a band having mastered this form so perfectly, like Bz.Bz is a hard rock duo from Japan with Koshi Inaba as the vocalist and lyricist and Takahiro Matsumoto as the guitarist, composer and also the producer. Immediately after they met they decided to work with each other only, as a result of which they were able to release their first alum entitled Bz in the year 1988. In the very same year they also released their first single Dakara Sono Te Wo Hanashite. The music that they produced was very different from the kind of rock music that was being played at that time. This uniqueness gave them the recognition that they had always aspired for.  Instead of entering into the mainstream music industry they first decided to work on improving the quality of their music.In the year 1989 they were able to release their second album titled Off the Lock. After releasing their second album Bz decided to give live performances and became known as Live-Gym. They were admired by the audience as well as the critics, alike. In the very same year they released their first mini album titled Bad Communication. The title song of this album was an amalgamation of dance and rock music and remained on the Oricon Charts for consecutive one hundred and sixty three weeks. After a year i.e. 1990 Bz released their third album entitled Break Through. In order to promote this album they toured extensively and were able to do twenty two shows through out the country. Another single Taiyo no Komachi Angel was released on 13th June which became an instant hit and won the first position on the Oricon Chart.

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Bz released their fourth album Risky in 1990 which was yet another success for these extremely talented artists. In 1991 there came a change in the music of this duo. Their fifth album In the Life took them more towards rock music. In order to promote this album they again went on an extensive tour and gave sixty six performances all around Japan. They started becoming known for their rock music with the release of their sixth album named Run. In 1995 Bz released another album entitled Loose which was a little different from their other albums. The music of this album was a combination of pop and rock music which imparted it its uniqueness and gave the audience a different kind of musical experience. It became an instant hit as more than three million copies were sold of this album.The band enjoys great fan base, and Bz Tickets enjoy great sales records owing to the fact that this duo provides music lovers with some great masterpieces from the world of modern rock music. It will be an experience worth sharing with friends as well!  
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