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Omar Farouk Tekbilek is a Turkish flautist who is regarded as one of the best Middle Eastern musicians today. His music is renowned for its traditional outlook while also incorporating the influences of Folk, Sufi along with contemporary music. He is an expert of many Middle Eastern instruments including the Nay, Percussion, Zurna, Oud, Saz and the Baglama and can perform on many others with exceptional expertise as well. His unsurpassed success can be attributed to the innovation in the composition and arrangements he creates. Apart from this he is a talented singer and has lent his voice to many of his recorded works.

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About Omar Farouk Tekbilek

Omar Farouk Tekbilek was born to a family that already had a musical background and recognized his gift at an early age. He started playing on a small flute at the age of eight and soon he was obtaining lessons from his brother, who he holds to be “…… really my guru, my inspiration”, as well as his uncle who was a music store owner. When he turned twelve, he started studying religion with a view to become an Islamic Cleric, while at the same time appearing at the local musical spots to display his speedily developing musical talents. Soon he quit school to follow music professionally.
In 1967 he along with his brother came to Istanbul and for the next decade worked as musicians. Omar Farouk Tekbilek stayed rooted to his conventional style but it was during this period that he was first introduced to the other Middle Eastern as well as Western styles of music. He was also deeply inspired by the mystical approach to music of the Mevlevi Dervishes and one of their lead musicians, Aka Gunduz Kutbay. His music began to prosper on the music studios of Istanbul, and he got the opportunity to play with some of the top Turkish musicians. Soon he was known as one of the best session musicians in Turkey and his unique style was in great demand.
Thereafter he toured Australia and Europe and in 1971 he came to the United States with a group. Over there the people fell in love with his music and he with his future wife. Omar Farouk Tekbilek formed a pop band called the Sultans, with a Greek string player and an Egyptian pianist. Soon his act became a Euro-Asian ensemble. Soon they had a good following among the Middle Eastern community and released five albums. But all this time he was working with a clothing company to make ends meet and turned into a musician on the weekends. Then in 1988 he met Brian Keane, and everything changed.
Brian Keane was looking for Turkish musician to work with him on the soundtrack of Süleyman the Magnificent, a film being made about the Ottoman emperor for an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. He found Omar Farouk Tekbilek playing at a local belly dance joint. He was immediately enthralled and thoroughly impressed by his genius. Together they compiled the soundtrack and thus started a relationship which would produce six more albums and providing the initiation for Omar Farouk Tekbilek’s entry to the international music scene. This pair combined flutes and lutes with guitars and synthesizers presenting some very interesting Turkish, Armenian and Arabic music.
Omar Farouk Tekbilek has now performed or recorded Omar Farouk Tekbilek with a wide range of musicians including Ginger Baker, Don Cherry, Simon Shaheen, Trilok Gurtu, Michael Askill, Youssou N'Dour, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Ofra Haza, Karl Berger, Hossam Ramzy, Glen Velez, Peter Erskine, and Steve Shehan. Foe two years running starting in 1998 he received the Musician Of The Year Award awarded by people's-choice US Golden Belly. He was nominated for the BBC World Music Award in 2003 and the same year he won the Turkish Writers Association’s Award for the Best Artist of Turkish Music award. He has contributed to many TV and Film soundtracks as well as many memorable musical releases like Fire Dance, Mystical Garden, Tree Of Patience, Kelebek and Best of Omar Faruk Tekbilek. His latest album Rock the Tabla, released in 2011 also features Omar Faruk Tekbilek along with A.R. Rahman and Billy Cobham and many others.
Omar Farouk Tekbilek regularly tours Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East. He remains deeply committed to his musical traditions while integrating it with modern devices and sounds. Omar Farouk Tekbilek Tickets represent a chance to experience his ingenuity along with some great mystic, romantic and traditional folk music.

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